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2015 Serco Caledonian Sleeper duties

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In February 2015 it was announced that 86101 and 87002 would go on hire to GB Railfreight, primarily for working the Serco Caledonian Sleeper empty stock trains between London Euston and Wembley Inter City Depot. 86401 would follow into service after a full overhaul.

86101 on a driver training trip at Rugby.

87002 at Euston on an ECS working.

86101 at Wembley Inter City Depot.

87002 at Euston ready to work a passenger service train to Wembley Yard.

87002 on an early morning diversion via Kidgsrove.

87002 at Euston about to leave for Edinburgh with the Highland Sleeper.

87002 at Edinburgh between Highland Sleeper workings.

On 4th August 2015 86401 performed a solo main line test run from Willesden TMD to Watford Junction, Euston and back to Willesden. This was the loco's first main line run since purchase for preservation in 2004. The loco is seen here at Watford Junction.

86401 is seen at London Euston ready to work its first commercial train, 5M16 empty coaches from the Lowland Caledonian Sleeper, to Wembley Inter City Depot on the morning of 8th August 2015.

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