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History in the making as former gas turbine 18100 is physically renumbered to E1000 in October 1958 at East Didsbury sidings. The scar from the original number is visible in the foreground, while to the rear the new number is being applied. The high-tech working platform might upset some H&S experts today...

Renumbering complete! Of interest is that at this time, the loco's pantograph head is missing - a likely indication that the loco had yet to enter use.

The method of renumbering can be seen clearly here - the "E" has been positioned over the original gas turbine "1", the "8" has been removed and roughly painted over; the next three digits "100" are original, and an extra "0" has been added over the scar of the builder's plate. It's likely the "0"s were sourced from the numbers at the other end.

A slightly later view of E3100, again at East Didsbury, but now with pan-head in place.

Another view of E2001 at East Didsbury.

Almost brand-new E3001 at East Didsbury, probably in November 1959.

The other side of E3001 between tests at East Didsbury.

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