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1997 Crewe Electric Depot Open Day, 3rd May 1997

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The first opportunity to view the four original locos close up came in 1997 when Railfreight Distribution opened Crewe Electric for a day. 81002, 82008, 83012 and 85101 were all displayed in as-bought condition; in fact the sale of the locos had still to be completed at the time, being concluded the following month.

E3003 (81002), 82008 and 83012 were lined up at the west end of the depot. This photo was used on the cover of our first newsletter in August 1997.

Another view of 83012, 82008 and E3003 (81002) amongst the crowds at Crewe Electric.

83012 on display showing its fading InterCity livery. This loco had benefitted from a cosmetic makeover whilst with its previous owners.

82008 had been given a very rough-and-ready repaint into Rail Blue by its previous owners.

E3003 (81002) had been repainted into Electric Blue by Crewe Electric for its first preservation owner back in 1993. Sadly the colour fades rapidly, as can be seen here!

85101 was displayed inside the main shed in as-withdrawn Rail Blue.

The other side of 85101 in the depot.

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