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Much of the latter half of 1999 was spent restoring 83012's electrical equipment with the other locomotives essentially stored awaiting their turn. December saw the arrival of our Generator Car 99625, the first power unit of which was restarted just a week after its arrival.

By the August Bank Holiday, E3044 had been parked at the bottom of the main storage road in the yard.

By November the roundhouse was filling up with preserved diesels. This view shows the line up on the 13th November.

A night-time view of E3003 (81002) and 83012 stabled in the roundhouse on 13th November.

The 27th November marked the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the first Class 81, E3001 (later 81001). To mark the event we reunited as many of the 81s as we could get our hands on, including the prototype! 81002 provides the backdrop for 81001, 81015 and 81019.

The first of the Generator Car's (99625) power units is started up on 18th December 1999, just a week after arrival.

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