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2000 83012 is transformed into E3035

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Much of early 2000 was spent undertaking restoration work on 83012, resulting in it appearing as E3035 in near-original condition at the Old Oak Common open days in August.

Work to repaint 83012 into Electric Blue livery as E3035 continued throughout the summer at Barrow Hill, with painting still going on during the summer Steam Gala! The work was finally completed at the end of July, a few days before the loco departed for Old Oak Common Open Days.

On the day that the 85 departed from Crewe, 83012 is seen at the start of its transformaion to E3035.

The restoration team applies primer around one of the corridor-side windows on 83012.

Newly arrived 85101 stands in the yard at Barrow Hill.

Sparks fly as Glenn grinds off the brackets that held the central grille. This was to replaced by a window, as originally built.

Early shunting moves for the 2000 Steam Gala produced an interesting juxtaposition of E3003 (81002) and 85101.

With 83012 turned, work started on rubbing down the paintwork on the equipment side, resulting in this "softened" look to the stripes.

Undercoating of the corridor side of 83012 was complete by this time.

Early in the 2000 working week, the equipment side of 83012 gets a layer of undercoat.

In preparation for the Steam Gala, 82008 is turned prior to being hauled out of the roundhouse.

As 82008 was hauled up the yard, it briefly lined up with E3003 (81002, left) and 85101.

Later in the week E3003 (81002), 82008 and 85101 were stabled in the yard awaiting transfer to the storage area.

Undercoating of 83012's equipment side was completed by the 13th of July.

On the evening before the Steam Gala, the rest of the fleet was lined up in the storage area, with E3044 (84009) leading E3003 (81002), 82008 and 85101.

As soot and smut rained down from the visiting steam locos, the equipment side of 83012 received its top coat of TIP blue. The corridor side had been completed the previous day.

83012 confounds visitors to the Steam Gala by not carrying any numbers. One of the cast "E3035" numbers is just visible in the cab windows.

E3035 (83012) was given a brake test on 29th July, in advance of its journey to Old Oak Common Open Days. As it was hauled up the yard it passed E3003 (81002) and E3044 (84009) giving an interesting "electric blue" line up.

After the successful brake test E3035 (83012) was propelled back into the shed for the fitting of cast numbers and lion-and-wheel emblems.

Almost complete. E3035 (83012) stands in the shed complete with white buffers, cast numbers, worksplates and lion-and-wheel emblems.

The following morning the loco was washed and rolled out into the "garden" at Barrow Hill, ready for departure.

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