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2000 Diesel & Electric Gala, Barrow Hill

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The 7th and 8th of October 2000 marked Barrow Hill's Diesel and Electric Gala. The five locomotives were all on display, including newly-arrived 84001 from the NRM, and 82008 providing a live "roarer" in the shed.

Outside, in the rain, four of the five locos were lined up in the yard. E3035 (83012) leads E3003 (81002), 84001 (which had been turned to hide the worst of the peeling paint) and 85101.

E3003 (81002) and E3035 (83012) compare shades of blue and style of cast number.

82008 remained in the shed to provide "roaring" demonstrations using the shed's electricity supply. This arrangement had nothing whatsoever to do with the loss of power to the turntable and kitchen at the roundhouse.

A portrait of the equipment side of 84001 on display in the yard.

85101 was also displayed for the first time at this gala, having been relegated to the storage area for the earlier steam gala.

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