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2001 Diesel and Electric Gala, Barrow Hill

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This gala proved to be our noisiest, with both E3035 and 82008 coupled to the Generator Car and providing "roaring" demonstrations throughout the weekend. The sudden and deafening sound from the 83 as it powered up took many visitors by surprise.

On the morning of the first day of the 2001 Diesel and Electric gala, E3035 leads the Generator Car (99625), 82008, E3003 (81002) and 85101. The Generator Car is in operation and provided power for both the 83 and 82, with both roaring over the weekend.

The evening sun shines on E3035 (83012) and provides and interesting comparison of blues with Network SouthEast 50002 in the background.

84001 was kept indoors to continue the drying out process.

The other electric loco on site was Railtrack's 73212, seen making a dramatic exit from the roundhouse building.

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