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2001 Crewe Electric Depot: staff family and friends day

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We were asked to provide locomotives for EWS's staff family and friends open day at Crewe Electric on 3rd November 2001. With 85101 partially rubbed down and 81002 not really presentable, the job fell to 82008 and E3035.

82008 and E3035 (83012) were hauled to Crewe by three Class 50s and displayed at the east end of the depot. This overview shows 76076, 92022, E3035, 82008, 86417, 86213, 220016 and 47306.

Another long-shot of the depot, this time showing 92035, 76079, 82008, E3035 (83012), 92022, 86246, 86605, D345, 50015 and (just) 86228.

Close up of 82008 under the wires, with E3035 (83012) beyond.

E3035 (83012) and 76079 make an almost 1960s appearance, ignoring the 92s in the background!

A selection of AC power, with 325003, 92031 (just), 92002, 86246, 86605, D245 and 50015 flanking 82008 and E3035 (83012).

E3035 and Anglia's 86246.

86606, 92022 and 92028 surround E3035 (83012).

86401 was stabled just inside the shed building. At this time the loco was in regular use and owned by EWS; little did we know that we would successfully purchase the loco three years later.

Also on site was another 86 that would feature in the group's story. 86213 Lancashire Witch was stabled alongside 86417 (left).

A third locomotive at Crewe that would become significant in the coming months was 87101, by that time stored out of use. The following month it would move to Barrow Hill for component recovery and scrapping.

Crewe Electric also played host to a number of stored Class 92s. In this shot, from left to right, are 92044, 92046, 92032 and 92021.

At the western end of the depot were the active locos. 86102 is stabled with 90147 and 90141, with grilles removed for access to the transformer and radiators.

Gleaming in immaculate INTERCITY livery was 86228 Vulcan Heritage.

By comparison, 86241 Glenfiddich was looking a little the worse for wear.

86603 didn't appear to be very long for this world.

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