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1998 Loco inspection and 304 spares recovery

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Ten months after our last view of the locos at Crewe, a further opportunity arose with the preservation of 304021. Group members assisted with the recovery of components from other Class 304s at Crewe Carriage Shed, and later had the opportunity to inspect the four locos around the back of the shed.

Early in the day the three other Class 304 units (003, 008 and 024) were shunted into the Carriage Shed. This was the view from 304024.

The three spares donors lined up, with 304024 nearest camera.

At the other end of the rake was 304003, with 304008 in the middle.

Later in the day the preserved unit, 304021 was shunted into the shed on an adjacent road. This was the view from 304024's cab.

304021 in the carriage shed.

ACLG members and 304 Group volunteers set to the task of recovering seats etc from 304024 on the right, storing them in 304021.

The interior of one of 304021's passenger saloons.

At the end of the recovery session the spares units were taken back to the sidings. 304024 (on the left) departs leaving 304008 (on the right) and 304021 (background) in the shed.

The opportunity was taken to check the locomotives over. By now they had been shunted out of the shed and stored around the back. 82008 leads the line up.

Beyond 82008 were 85101, 83012 and E3003 (81002). Rob checks out 83012's cabs.

A view from the other end of the rake with E3003 (81002) nearest, followed by 83012 and 85101.

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