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2002 85101's repaint into Railfreight "Triple-Grey" livery

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In March and April 2002 we held a mammoth "Working Fortnight" with the aim of repainting 85101 from faded Rail Blue into Railfreight Triple-Grey. This livery, whilst never carried in traffic, was literally only a signature away from being applied in BR days; the opportunity was taken to see what it would have looked like, and gain some publicity in the process.

The repaint was completed by the end of the fortnight, and the finishing touches were added a couple of weeks later, just prior to Barrow Hill's "Kings Cross in the 1960s" gala.

At the start of 2002's mammoth Working Fortnight, E3003, 84001 and 85101 stand around the turntable.

87101's recovered transformer is stored in the yard.

Further rubbing down of 85101's bodywork took place early in the fortnight.

On the 29th March, the bogies and underslung equipment was sprayed black. Bare metal areas on the body had been primed by this stage.

The first layer of undercoat is in progress, with most of the corridor side completed, and the cab roof nearly done.

Part way through the undercoating process.

By the end of 31st March, a very ghostly apparition was looming in the roundhouse!

The undercoat was then keyed and washed down to provide a firm base for the topcoat. On 2nd April, Petrina, Andy, Ken, Owen, Keith and Richard get stuck into the tedious job of keying the grilles.

The working team with their ghostly 85 on 2nd April. Left to right are Owen, Linda, Andy, Petrina, Ken, Keith and Richard.

Late on 2nd April, the upper Executive Dark Grey roof band has been painted.

By the 5th April, the upper body Flint Grey and lower body Rail Grey have been completed.

Many Railfreight liveried locomotives had grilles picked out in the darker grey, but not all. In the case of 85101, we thought it would probably overwhelm the Flint Grey making the overall effect too dark.

A full view of the finished paint job on 6th June, with cantrail stripe in place, yellow ends and bogie pipework picked out in appropriate colours.

The final tasks were carried out a fortnight later, on the eve of Barrow Hill's "Kings Cross in the 1960s" gala, with the fitting of depot plaques, BR arrows, numbers and an RfD logo.

85101 is turned in preparation for being shunted into the "garden" for display, with its special "Barrow Hill" diamond in position.

The day before the gala, 85101 was pushed outside for display.

The final touches were still being applied at this time, which necessitated ladders and platforms to be around the loco. Some of the photographers on site (for a photoshoot in the roundhouse and yard) took exception to us working on the loco, some going so far as to tell us that they had paid good money to come here and take photos, and that we should get out of their way! We made the mistake of taking a break later in the day; the photographers took the ladders and platforms away, scratching the paint in the process, to get their clear shot.

Thanks guys!

The corridor side of 85101, complete with "Crewe Eagle" depot plaque and Railfreight Distribution logo.

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