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2002 84001's cosmetic restoration begins

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Once 85101's repaint had been completed, attention turned to 84001. This loco proved the most challenging to date, requiring the complete stripping of previous paint layers from the bodysides before repainting could take place.

After the excitement (or lack of) of the Diesel Gala, attention returned to the restoration of 84001 for our final working days of 2002.

With the repaint of the 85 complete, attention turned to 84001, whose patchwork appearance had left something to be desired. Because the paint on the corridor side was literally peeling away from the bodywork, it was decided to scrape off all the existing paintwork on that side and start again from the base up.

Nigel and Keith tackle the tedious task in this view on 29th June; most of the side is now clear of paint.

In late July the position of 84001 on the short road in the roundhouse was proving awkward and it was swapped with 82008, which had been stabled in the restoration road. Both locomotives had to be pinch-barred by hand onto and off the turntable, and to fit the 82 on the short road a number of bits of "deltic" also had to be maneouvred out of the way.

84001 is seen here on the turntable being pushed back into the shed.

Once in position on the restoration road, work on 84001 began with a vengeance. Filling and stripping is in progress in this shot. The equipment side paint was not flaking off like the corridor side, and after some experimental chipping appeared to be sound. On this basis the decision was made to simply rub this side down and repaint, rather than chip all the old paint off as was done on the other side. This decision would come back to haunt us later!

On clearing the yellow paint off the cab ends a curious discovery was made. Rail Blue paint was found on the cab front, on top of original Electric Blue. This led us to wonder whether this loco (and possibly others) had their first coat of Rail Blue in the same style as the previous livery
� not something that's obvious from photos of that era.

With work well underway, the vacuum on the roof produces a cloud of dust to complement the sanding dust all down the side of the loco. Glenn, Nigel, Martin and Keith are all at work in this shot.

By September most of 84001's lower bodyside had been sanded flat and the cab end had been flattened and primed. Linda chips paint from the kicking plate below the door.

84001's other cab end was still awaiting primer.

At the end of September, time was taken to clean up the internal locos prior to Barrow Hill's "Rail Blue" diesel gala. Petrina and Andy give 81002 and 82008 a wash down.

Following its clean E3003 (81002) looked far better; with the oxidised layer removed the loco almost shone!

With bodyside rubbing down nearly complete, priming is well underway on 84001's equipment side.

Priming of 84001's corridor side was also well underway by mid November 2002.

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