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2003 84001's repaint into Rail Blue and the arrival of two EDs

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The first major event of 2003 was the arrival of two Class 73 Electro-Diesels at Barrow Hill. Both had been purchased from EWS by two of the group's members, and both would see restoration to working order over the following eighteen months. Whilst not strictly the core activity of the group, 73138 was to become the group's depot shunter, whilst 73119 would be sold on for further use elsewhere.

Meanwhile, restoration work continued on 84001, with a deadline of the Doncaster Plant 150 Open Days in July, to which the loco had been invited. Working days throughout the first half of 2003 saw restoration work on 84001's paintwork reach an advanced stage, with the first top-coat completed in time for the show.

As if six locomotives on site weren't enough, in early 2003 two Class 73s were delivered. 73119 and 73138 (seen here) would both be restored by AC Loco Group members over the following eighteen months, with the latter going on to become the group's depot shunter.

Meanwhile, back on the restoration road, 84001's repaint was making progress. Much of the priming was complete and keyed ready for undercoating.

A company producing a video about the Hornby-Dublo AL1 model approached us for access to the real thing. The shoot inside E3003 (81002) took place on 22nd February 2003.

Work on 84001 (right) continues alongside E3003 (81002) and 82008.

Nigel and Martin affix the new cantrail fairings (the old ones had rotten through) as Glenn slaps paint into the roof gutter.

The team in action on 84001; Nigel, Martin and Glenn attend to the roof while Andy keys the primer on the cabside.

84001 almost ready for undercoating.

The restoration team gather round 86213, parked in prime position in the yard. From left to right: Nigel, Owen, Martin, Pickle, Glenn, Rob M, Linda, Andy and Petrina.

The low sun makes an interesting composition of 86213, 85101, 83012 and 84009 in the yard at Barrow Hill.

This colour photo shows the odd effect of the grey undercoats during 84001's repaint.

The following day the first coat of BR blue was applied, leaving the light-grey ends awaiting a coat of yellow.

73119 and 73138 are seen stored together in the commercial compound at Barrow Hill.

During Barrow Hill's 2003 steam gala, the opportunity was taken to put the finishing touches to 84001, including the addition of numbers, painting the underframe area and adding buffer beam details. By this time the yellow ends had also been completed.

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