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2003 Doncaster Plant 150 Open Weekend, July 2003

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To commemorate 150 years of train building and maintenance at Doncaster, Wabtec organised a major open day on the weekend of 27th-28th July 2003. We were asked to provide a locomotive for the show, so we sent three! 85101 was built at Doncaster in 1961, whilst the other two exhibits, E3035 (83012) and 84001 were both heavily refurbished at "The Plant" in the early 1970s.

On the Sunday afternoon, 85101 was named "DONCASTER PLANT 150 1853-2003" to commemorate the many thousands of staff who had worked at the plant over the years. It became the first Class 85 to carry an official cast nameplate.

This was the view that greeted visitors arriving from Doncaster Station: a spectacular line-up of diesel and electric traction, with 89001, 85101 and E5001 nearest the camera.

89001 had been brought out of store at the nearby Bombardier plant for the event, and had been suitably buffed up for the occasion.

Modern AC traction was represented by examples from classes 89-92; here 89001, 91110 and 90028 are on display.

"Electric Alley" with (from left to right) 86261, 84001, 86609, 90028, 89001, 85101, E5001 and E3035 (83012) all visible.

84001's new paintwork makes an interesting comparison with that of 86261!

The AC Loco Group's three exhibits are all visible here, with 85101 in the background on the left, 84001 prominent in the centre, and E3035 (83012) in the background on the right.

84001's new paintwork is shown off to advantage in the sun.

Over the crowds: a long view down to E3035 (83012), E5001, 85101 and 89001.

Humphrey Gillott, Mike Roe, Mel Munday, Peter Townend and Dick Hardy lift the presentation plate following the naming ceremony.

85101 proudly displays its nameplate.

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