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2004 Restoring the EDs

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For our 2004 working fortnight we had a change to the usual AC work, and set all hands to restoring 73138. This loco is not part of the main fleet, but it was owned (with 73119 at that time) by two of our members. Following restoration it was made available for use by the group as depot shunter at Barrow Hill.

Both electro-diesels were repainted in time for Barrow Hill's 2004 Diesel Gala, at which they were to provide the mainstay of motive power on the shuttle trains.

73138 is masked up for repainting.

The 20-year-old dent in 82008's cab corner has been cut out for replacement.

Areas of bad corrosion on E3003's cab ends have been exposed for assessment and eventual replacement.

The restoration team at work on 73138.

There was a covering of snow by the end of the week - 86213, 85101, E3035 (83012) and 73119 sit in this wintry scene.

73119 and 73138 are in the last stages of their repaints into Rail Blue and Large Logo Blue respectively

73119 is turned to allow restoration to continue.

View of 73138 following the painting of the large logos.

Not many preservation venues can offer this sort of electric line up: from left to right are E3044 (84009), 86213, 85101, E3035 (83012) and 27000.

Also in the yard were 84001 (left), E3003 (81002) and 82008.

73119 awaits the final touches and removal of window masking.

73138 gleams following completion of the cab painting.

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