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2004 73119 goes North

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Having been restored to working order by group members, 73119 was sold to the Keith & Dufftown Railway in North East Scotland, making it the furthest north any 73 has been based. Shortly after arrival it was given a test run from Dufftown to Loch Park (the limit of running for main-line locomotives at the time, due to weight restrictions further down the line).

73119 arrives at Dufftown on the Heanor lorry.

73119 is carried past the distinctive, but now demolished, grain elevators.

73119 stabled at the end of Dufftown platform.

Just north of Loch Park, 73119 comes to a halt on its first venture up the Keith & Dufftown Railway.

73119 alongside Loch Park.

73119 passing through the steep, wooded glen at the south of Loch Park.

73119 approaching the summit of the line.

Returning to Dufftown, 73119 crosses over the Fiddich Viaduct.

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