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2004 Anglia Class 86 Farewell, 30th October 2004

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On the 30th October 2004, oneAnglia said farewell to their Class 86 locomotives with a railtour hauled by 86235 Crown Point and 86246 Royal Anglian Regiment. The tour ran from Liverpool Street to Cambridge and back, then out to Southend, Clacton, Harwich International and finally Norwich. The return non-stop run from Norwich to London behind 86235 broke the point-to-point speed record with a new time of 82min 12 seconds. We were able to set up our stand in the DBSO van area for the journey.

86246 at the bufferstops awaiting departure from Liverpool Street.

86235 at Liverpool Street, ready to take the train to Cambridge.

Photographers gather to snap 86246 at Cambridge.

86246 arrives back at Liverpool Street.

86246 stands at the platform end at Southend.

Keith mans the ACLG stand in the DBSO.

Passengers visit the stand in the DBSO at Southend.

On the curve at Shenfield, with 86235 in the distance.

86235 at the head of the train on arrival at Clacton.

86235 and train catch the low sun at Harwich International.

86246 is uncoupled at Norwich in preparation for the high-speed run to London.

86235 is mobbed on arrival, having broken the point-to-point speed record for the run.

This picture of "86235" caused some comment in the DBSO!

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