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2005 87002 named "The AC Locomotive Group", 27th April 2005

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On 27th April 2005 the group was honoured to have its name applied to 87002 for its last few months in traffic with Virgin Trains. The loco returned to service following an exam late on 4th May, with its first full day in traffic on the 5th. Here are a selection of shots taken during the loco's preparation and from its first day back in traffic.

The nameplate and logo crest in place on the side of 87002.

With plates affixed, 87002 awaits vinyls to complete the revised livery.

87002 at Wembley awaiting its next duties. Note the addition of the "Porterbrook" word to the right of the logo.

The livery arrangement on the equipment side of 87002 has been altered to match the corridor side.

87002 at the head of its train shortly after arrival at Birmingham New Street.

Propelling its train southwards, 87002 leaves Birmingham New Street for London.

A close up of the cast AC Loco Group logo on the side of 87002.

A still from a video capture as 87002 hurries through Tile Hill.

87002 at Coventry with a southbound service. This shot shows off the new livery arrangement on the equipment side, where previously there was the wide silver band and "Porterbrook" legend.

Close up of 87002's nameplate and crest at Coventry.

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