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1998 81002, 82008 and 83012 move to Barrow Hill

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On 5th December 1998 three of our four locos finally left Crewe for Barrow Hill. DRS provided the traction in the form of two Class 20/3s, and the train was made up with three Riviera Trains coaches as brake force.

On a very wet and miserable 5th December, 20310 and 20311 await clearance to depart from Crewe station for the Carriage Shed.

After a great deal of shunting at the Carriage Shed, the bizarre train was top-and-tailed back across the WCML into the station.

Whilst 20311 ran round the locos waited under Crewe's overall roof. 82008 is nearest the camera with 83012 and E3003 (81002) beyond.

Glenn displays the Group's headboard from the cab of 20310.

With 20311 coupled on, the headboard was attached and the train given a final check before departure.

20311+20310 open up as they haul E3003 (81002), 83012 and 82008 out of Crewe.

The three locos pass the platform end, heading for the Kidsgrove line.

At Stoke-on-Trent the train was held to allow various passenger services to pass.

Between Stoke and Derby the train is seen passing through Uttoxeter.

As the sun sets over Chesterfield, the locos can be glimpsed through the trees on the main line at Barrow Hill.

E3003 (81002) leads 83012 and 82008 around the main-line connection at Barrow Hill.

82008 wears the Group's headboard as it awaits entry into Barrow Hill shed.

After uncoupling the coaches, Barrow Hill's Baguley 0-4-0 shunter is attached to 82008.

The Baguley shunter hauls 82008 into the yard at Barrow Hill.

The first AC electric on Barrow Hill's turntable was 82008.

Barrow Hill's other "shunter" pushes 82008 into position in the shed.

The Baguley hauls 83012 into the shed.

83012 is turned inside the roundhouse.

E3003 (81002) rolls into the shed under the watchful eye of the Group's Chairman.

The other "shunter" pushes E3003 (81002) into position.

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