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2005 Repainting 82008 - August 2005

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A week in August saw 82008 repainted from Large Logo Blue to InterCity Executive livery, as carried when on ECS duties at Euston.

A new aluminium cab corner has been fabricated to replace 82008's dented section.

Robin sands the old large numerals away.

Paul and Alistair fit a pantograph head to 89001.

Glenn, Robin and Pickle clean 85101 outside the Roundhouse.

82008 early in the week, with a lot of filler applied to the corridor side!

81002 also received further attention, with the completed cab being rubbed down, primed and undercoated.

The first undercoat goes onto 82008.

82008 gets top coats of Executive Dark Grey and Rail Red were then applied.

82008's yellow ends received their first coat the following day.

Once the dark grey and red stripes had dried, 82008 was remasked for painting white undercoat, whilst a second yellow coat was applied to the cabs.

Early on the Sunday morning, 82008's white stripes and Executive Light Grey sections were painted, and the masking removed.

82008 stands alongside 81002, which had also received a yellow end by this time.

A portrait of 82008 awaiting the finishing touches.

Finishing touches being applied to 82008 the following weekend by Robin and Adrian.

Finally, over the first weekend in September, 82008's bogies and roof were touched up.

A view of 82008's bogies following spraying.

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