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2005 Crewe Works "Great Gathering"

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Over the weekend of 10th/11th September, Bombardier's Crewe Works held a major open day. Almost all the ACLG fleet was invited, and in the end the group sent eight of the ten locomotives in its care (and was instrumental in the appearance of two others) to the show.

86401 was unveiled in stunning Network SouthEast livery, and named "Northampton Town" during the event; 82008 made its first public appearance away from Barrow Hill since 1997, in newly-applied InterCity Executive livery; 86213 made its first preservation appearance; and 89001 was made fit to run in time to travel to Crewe by rail.

One preserved, one almost preserved... 87001 and 86213 stand coupled together at Wembley prior to their movement to Crewe Works Open Weekend.

Awaiting departure from Barrow Hill are 82008, 83012 and 85101, with 73138 on the rear.

With 47826 attached, 82008, 83012 and 85101 await departure to Crewe, via Derby and Lichfield.

47826 hauls 82008, E3035 (83012) and 85101 into Crewe Works.

85101, E3035 (83012) and 82008 are propelled into holding sidings by 47826 at Crewe Works.

Stabled with other exhibits, 82008, E3035 (83012) and 85101 await positioning for display at Crewe Works.

82008 contrasts strongly with the adjacent wagon in Crewe Works holding sidings.

The following day 47826 returned to Barrow Hill to collect 73138, 84001 and 89001, and is seen awaiting departure.

The convoy comprising 84001, 89001 and 73138 waits for a path at Derby.

On the Friday morning, 87002, 87001 and 86213 await collection at Wembley.

Following a fire on the locomotive that was booked to haul 86213, 87001 and 87002 to Crewe, the move looked to be in doubt. Virgin Trains came to the rescue and provided 57308 to haul the three north. Here 57308 is coupled to the rake ready for departure.

The electric line up was positioned by the main site entrance road: the view that greeted traders and exhibitors on Friday afternoon comprised 73138. 82008, 83012, 84001, 85101 and 89001.

73138 stands at the Works entrance.

82008 on display following the hurried addition of its running numbers!

E3035 (83012) was next in line.

84001 on display adjacent to the main access road on the Friday afternoon before the Open Weekend.

85101 in Railfreight Distribution colours.

89001 was located at the end of the line up on Friday afternoon.

An overview of the electric line-up on Friday afternoon, with 89001 leading 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138.

Star of the show, 86401, was located in the "garden" area in anticipation of its naming ceremony the following day. This view shows the Network SouthEast livery, superbly applied by LNWR at Crewe, and with paint donated by Williamsons of Ripon.

Another view of 86401 in full NSE garb, showing the equipment side.

One of the other electric locomotives on site was 87035, which became the first of its class to be preserved during the weekend, when it was handed over to the Railway Age. (We can't be first at everything!)

Meanwhile, on Friday evening, exhibits continued to arrive; 57308 brought 86213, 87001 and 87002 from Wembley. The locos were parked in the reception sidings overnight and shunted into position on Saturday morning.

Early on Saturday, before the public were allowed on site, 86213 was moved via the traverser into position ahead of the rest of the ACLG fleet.

Waiting to be moved into position, 87002 and 87001 stand at adjacent to the traverser.

86213 joins the line-up on Saturday morning.

A view down the electric line as the crowds surge in on Saturday morning. 87001 stands alongside 86213.

87002 was positioned on display just ahead of the other electrics.

A symmetrical view between 87001 and 86213, with 87002 beyond.

Railway artist Philiip Hawkins (right) and the group's Secretary stand alongside the 'Northampton Town' plates immediately after the naming.

Simon Ede (left), joins Phil Hawkins with the third nameplate.

86401 after its unveiling.

91118 arrived in style on Saturday afternoon!

Driver Ken greets cab visitors on Saturday afternoon whilst Bob undertakes crowd control duties at the foot of 86213's steps.

Not impressed by the weather... Driver Ken peers out of 86213.

A head-on view of 86401 - all that is missing is the old multiple-working equipment.

A view down the line-up early on Sunday morning, with 87002, 87001, 86213, 89001, 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138 all visible to a greater or lesser extent.

Another view of 86401 following its naming the previous day.

Also on site (and by way of a contrast with 401) was 86604 from Freightliner.

On Sunday 86401 was placed on the traverser in the middle of the main area.

Cab visits to the 84, 89. 86(213) and 87(001) proved very popular.

Crowds wait to visit 89001's cab, whilst Keith looks out for potential new members.

Another view along the line of locos, with 89001 to the left, and 85101 leading the Roarers.

The group's main stand was deep inside Shop 5: here Richard, Rob, Robin and Ian are in charge.

At the end of the day, the Sunday team pack up the stand. From left to right are: Andy; Keith; Rob (bending over); Richard B; Alan (holding head in despair); Adrian (in BR uniform); Ian and Paul (bending over stand); Robin; Pickle and The Chief (drinking Coke). Gary, Owen, Richard H and Driver Ken were also present, but aren't in the photo. On Saturday we were joined by Glenn, Bob, David and Alistair.

The Sunday Team by the stand after the show closed. L-R standing: Keith Singleton, Richard Hill, Andy Gautrey, Michael Folker, Gary Coupe, Richard Bradford, Owen Hodgson, Andie Wilkinson, Ken Price; L-R kneeling: Adrian Jones, Alan Salmon, Ian Prince, Robin Idle, Paul Steane, Rob English.

Finally, as the site closed on Sunday evening, the fence alongside 82008 was removed, allowing a clear view down the side as the sun set.

On 15th September the first return loco move was made, when 87002, 86213 and 87001 were hauled back to Wembley by 57312.

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