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2005 87001 moves to the National Railway Museum

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87001 made its move into preservation on 11th November 2005 when it ran from Wembley to York under its own power before being shunted into the NRM for display. Prior to the move group members had assisted Wembley and Willesden staff in the loco's preparation, including repainting the bogies and supplying vinyls, etc. 87001 now has a split identity, one side bearing the "Stephenson" plates of recent years, and the other carrying the "Royal Scot" plates most famously carried by the loco.

On arrival at York, the loco took part in the NRM's "Cab-It" weekend over 12-13th November, with group members manning the cab for the benefit of visitors. The loco was positioned in the canvas "tent" alongside the NRM's Western and close to the replica Rocket.

87001 being prepared for its transfer to the National Railway Museum.

Pickle, Keith and Paul at work on the bogies.

A view of the rubbed-down equipment side.

The ACLG team alongside 87001: (L-R) Keith, Ian, Roger, Paul, Glenn, Pickle and Andie.

Arriving back at Wembley for the final touches to be added.

Just to prove that 87031's transformer works inside 87001...

Roger Richardson fits the Royal Scot nameplate to 87001 - a job he first performed in 1977!

87001 stands at Wembley prior to departure for York.

At Wembley South.

Pausing in Carlton Loop on the East Coast Main Line, en route to York.

Early morning shunting at the NRM prior to being positioned in the canvas tent.

87001 being moved into the tent for display.

Inside the tent 87001 comes back to life briefly with its lights on.

87001's split identity!

Visitors climb aboard 87001 during the "Cab-It" weekend.

Sunlight glints on the cab front - 87001's first day on display at the NRM.

The open day team pose alongside the Stephenson nameplate: (L-R) Alan, Paul, Robin (who isn't really that short) and Gary.

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