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2006 Electrical and Cosmetic Restoration of 81002

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Throughout late 2005 and early 2006 restoration work has been taking place throughout 81002. With the cab skin repairs complete, the task of refitting the cab roofs and replacing windows is underway. Internally much electrical and air equipment is under restoration.

One of 81002's cabs in primer and ready for the refitting of windows.

Cabside of 81002 in primer.

With restoration of much of the air and electrical systems, 81002's pantograph is raised using air power. The rope was to stop the pantograph from going overheight.

On 1st April 2006 81002's main blower fans were restarted, with a resultant "clag" from 16 years-worth of dust and accumulated dirt. All seven fans were run up following extensive work to restore the 137V circuits.

With electrical work continuing inside 81002, external grilles have been removed to allow easy access to the cooling fans and other equipment.

81002's windscreens removed for stripping and cleaning.

Grinding out rust from around the window openings on 81002's cab,

81002's pantograph raised again for testing of the Auto Drop Device.

Portrait of 81002 with pantograph raised.

Time was spared over 29th/30th April to refit 85101's nameplates.

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