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2006 86101 Main Line Restoration 2006

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At the end of August 2006, 86101 moved from storage at MoD Ashchurch to Barrow Hill for restoration to start. Work proceeded rapidly with a full repaint and much equipment restored by the end of the year.

86101 undergoing pantograph tests in the Roundhouse at Barrow Hill.

86101 stabled in the Roundhouse at Barrow Hill.

Rubbing down is underway on 86101 at Barrow Hill.

Close up of 86101's cabside during rubbing down and filling.

Rob, Owen, Glenn and Pickle pretending to work on 86101.

The team took a moment to clean 82008...

Sanding down filler on 86101's cabs

Work continuing into the night as green primer is applied to bare metal on 86101.

Now fully undercoated on all but one cab, 86101 awaits top-coat at Barrow Hill

Two generations of West Coast Main Line traction as 45596 and 86101 compare notes.

86101 and the first Class 26 in a race for completion.

With just the finishing touches to complete, 86101 gleams in its new coat of blue.

First impressions of 86101 fully repainted and with nameplates attached at Barrow Hill.

Close up of 86101's nameplate shortly after fitting.

Close up of the cabside of 86101 after the addition of numbers and data panels.

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