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2007 86101 Main Line Restoration 2007

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With much work completed, the finishing touches to 86101's restoration were carried out early in 2007.

Pantograph, insulators and bus-bars on 86101 receiving attention.

All finished! 86101 gleams in rail blue, with all stickers, vinyls and final touches added.

Refitting the brake stack to 86101 after replacing the motor.

Rolled out into the "Garden" at Barrow Hill - 86101.

New brake stack motor lowered into position in 86101.

Painting 86101's internal panels.

Air Blast Circuit Breaker ready for action on 86101.

86101 with lights on at Barrow Hill.

Close up of 86101's number and data panels

Just four weeks to go. 86101 receiving final checks and tests at Barrow Hill.

A view along 86101's roof.

Look out!

The last full working day at Barrow Hill - polishing the nameplates!

Some of the 86101 restoration team take a well earned break in front of their steed. From left to right: Glenn, Mike, Paul, Keith (kneeling), Robin and Alistair.

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