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2007 86101 returns to the Main Line

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On 12th March 2007, 86101 left Barrow Hill for Crewe and a much-anticipated return to main-line operation. Two test runs were carried out: the first on 15th March with a 47 in tow for insurance, and the second loaded run on 21st March, in preparation for its first railtour outing on 24th.

Cargo-D's rake of blue/grey Mk3s leaves Long Marston on 8th March, heading for Crewe.

86101 is hauled out of the new shed at Barrow Hill on the morning of 12th March.

During the shunt 86101 was briefly coupled to 89001 allowing the two to share notes on preserved ACs returning to the main line.

A portrait of 86101 at Barrow Hill awaiting her escort to Crewe.

Back on her old stamping ground at last - 86101 stands in platform 11 at Crewe awaiting the trip to Crewe South.

Stabled at Crewe South at the end of the day.

The moment of truth near Stafford, as 86101 approaches, hauling 47847 from Crewe.

86101 approaches Stafford on 15th March 2007 - it's first main-line run in preservation.

Broadside view of 86101 as it approaches Stafford.

86101 passes its replacement for crack WCML expresses.

Running round the 47 at Stafford, 86101 makes its way beneath the gantries.

Awaiting the road back to Crewe, 86101 sits at Stafford following its first run on the main line.

86101 approaches Winwick on the loaded test run.

Arriving at Preston on its second test run, 86101 is framed by a 142 and a 390.

A closer view as 86101 rolls into Preston on its loaded test run.

The return run passes Winwick.

Before and after!

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