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2007 The Ynys Mon Express - 86101's First Railtour

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On Saturday 24th March 2007 86101 hauled its first railtour following certification. The tour ran from Carlisle to Holyhead, with Sir William faultlessly hauling the Carlisle-Crewe and return legs. Empty stock moves took place on the Friday and Sunday.

On Friday afternoon 86101 is given its final checks prior to working the ECS move from Crewe to Carlisle.

Awaiting the arrival of the stock as dusk descends.

Late on Friday evening, with stock attached, 86101 waits for a path through Crewe station.

After a storming run through the night, arrival of the ECS at Carlisle was after midnight. 86101 stands at the north end of platform 3 at Carlisle at about 00:15 on Saturday morning.

Despite the late arrival, a bunch of dedicated enthusiasts were waiting for us!

0600 on Saturday morning, and 86101 is waiting at the head of the Mk2s, ready to head its first railtour south.

Another view of 86101 in the Carlisle dawn.

And another view.

Stops were made at Penrith, Oxenholme, Lancaster and Preston to pick up passengers - at Oxenholme it was Mk2Es as far as the eye could see!

Glorious weather accompanied the tour for most of its outward leg - here 86101 basks in the sun behind a helpfully-positioned platform ornament at Preston.

In glorious sunshine 86101 passes Preston Brook on the southbound run.

The train heads south near Weaver Junction.

Arrival at Crewe.

Unprecendented scenes at Crewe as enthusiasts jostle for position around 86101.

86101 heads off for the Carriage Shed having been detached.

86101 snakes across the Crewe approaches, heading for the Carriage Shed.

The tour continued to Holyhead behind two nicely matched internal combustion locomotives.

The return leg arrives at Preston behind 86101, prior to a storming run over Shap back to Carlisle.

Driver Angie looks for the right-away at Preston.

Ready for departure on the return empty stock on Sunday morning - 86101 waits for the road at Carlisle.

The empty stock move heads south.

The train snakes away from Carlisle, heading for Crewe.

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