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1998 December Gala, Barrow Hill

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Just a week after our first three locomotives arrived at Barrow Hill, the site held a two-day gala featuring steam, diesel and electric traction. The three locos, which we had tidied up over the previous week, were spaced out around the turntable for display.

82008, 81002 and 83012 stand around the turntable during the gala. The difference that several hours of elbow-grease can make can be seen by the change in colour of the 81's paintwork compared to when it arrived.

Electric meets Steam at Barrow Hill. "Kolaphur" faces up to its WCML successor in the form of 83012.

Who says electrics aren't atmospheric? 82008, 81002 and 83012 sit under the lights on the evening of the 12th December.

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