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2007 86101 returns to the Main Line with OTMR

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On 11th and 12th October 2007, 86101 returned to the Main Line following OTMR fitment. Its first run, on 11th, was Crewe to Carlisle and return, followed by a run to Doncaster on 12th, for staff familiarisation purposes, prior to beginning a contract.

86101 at Crewe Carriage Shed ready to depart for Carlisle on its first run following OTMR fitment.

86101 at Carlisle, following its successful northbound run.

86101 pauses at Abington loops on its way to Carstairs and thence to Doncaster.

86101 threads its way through Princes Street Gardens approaching Edinburgh.

86101 passes through platform 20/ platform 1 at Edinburgh Waverley, en route to Doncaster.

Reflections at Waverley.

86101 briefly draws to a halt at the signal, before heading south along the ECML - a first for an 86/1?

Waiting in the loops at Drem.

86101 leaves Newcastle, passing a northbound 91.

Crowds gather on the platform at York as 86101 sweeps through.

86101 charges past Colton Junction at 110mph.

Destination in sight - 86101 arrives at Doncaster.

86101 passing through the centre roads at Doncaster, heading for the Royal Mail terminal.

Enthusiasts observe 86101 and the Mk3 set at Doncaster.

On arrival at the Royal Mail platform at Doncaster, ACLG and Cargo-D staff join the train crew for a quick photo.

10,000 dead flies say it all...

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