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2007 Atomic Harbourmaster Tour

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On 20th October 2007, 86101 was "borrowed" for the Atomic Harbourmaster tour, running from Doncaster to Crewe light engine the day before, then from Crewe to Euston and return, before making its way back to Doncaster.

On the day before the Atomic Harbourmaster tour, 86101, which had been at Doncaster in preparation for use with Hull Trains, was taken to Crewe light engine, via the North London Line, seen here passing Langford on the ECML.

Continuing on its way south, 86101 passes through Huntingdon.

Early in the morning of 20th October, 86101 awaits departure from Crewe with the Atomic Harbourmaster railtour to Euston.

As the sun rises, 86101 pulls into Birmingham International with the Atomic Harbourmaster tour.

86101 hauls the Atomic Harbourmaster past Gordon's Lodge in the early morning sunshine.

A pause at Wembley Central, awaiting clearance to enter the yards.

The Harbourmaster tour again, waiting on the carriage roads for the Class 37s to attach at the rear.

Following arrival at Euston 86101 was uncoupled - the tour proceeded with diesel power to Folkestone. Definitely back at the old haunts!

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