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1999 Repainting 82008 into Large Logo Blue

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As a publicity exercise, and to smarten up 82008's rough coat of BR Blue, we decided to treat the loco to a ficticious livery never before carried by a 1st-generation AC electric. Yellow cabs, large logos and large numbers were applied over the existing blue. The livery was intended to last for only a few months before a proper repaint...

Work to repaint 82008 began by undercoating the cabs where the yellow would be applied. The existing Rail Blue bodysides were retained with only minor touching up.

An overview of the roundhouse on 5th April 1999, with 83012 on the left, 45060, 37111, 82008 wearing grey undercoat around its cab, and E3003 (81002).

With a power feed from the Barrow Hill 415V electrical supply, 83012's various blower motors were restored to operation in early 1999. The cloud of dust above 83012 was vented as one of the blowers was restarted for the first time, shifting some 12 years worth of collected dirt!

82008's repaint was well underway by the 8th April, with the yellow and black applied to the cab, and the first logo masked and undercoated.

The opportunity was taken to improve 81002's appearance by adding small yellow warning panels to the existing Electric Blue livery. Here the loco is turned, complete with masked panel. to allow work to proceed at the other end.

The finishing touches are applied to 82008 as Rob smooths off the numerals and Glenn applies a "BH" depot sticker.

With only the cant-rail stripe to add, 82008 is hauled out into the evening sunshine on 9th April, prior to the April Gala over the following two days.

With the cant-rail stripe in place around the cab ends 82008's mini-transformation is complete as the sun sets on 9th April.

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Fictitious Liveries

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