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E3003 (81002), 82008 and 83012 were lined up at the west end of the depot. This photo was used on the cover of our first newsletter in August 1997.

Another view of 83012, 82008 and E3003 (81002) amongst the crowds at Crewe Electric.

E3003 (81002) had been repainted into Electric Blue by Crewe Electric for its first preservation owner back in 1993. Sadly the colour fades rapidly, as can be seen here!

E3003 (81002) pokes one cab into daylight at Crewe Carriage Shed.

Beyond 82008 were 85101, 83012 and E3003 (81002). Rob checks out 83012's cabs.

A view from the other end of the rake with E3003 (81002) nearest, followed by 83012 and 85101.

Whilst 20311 ran round the locos waited under Crewe's overall roof. 82008 is nearest the camera with 83012 and E3003 (81002) beyond.

20311+20310 open up as they haul E3003 (81002), 83012 and 82008 out of Crewe.

E3003 (81002) leads 83012 and 82008 around the main-line connection at Barrow Hill.

E3003 (81002) rolls into the shed under the watchful eye of the Group's Chairman.

The other "shunter" pushes E3003 (81002) into position.

45060, 37111, 82008, 83012 and E3003 (81002) around the turntable on the Sunday morning.

The low December sun highlights the three sloping fronts of 82008, 83012 and 81002.

Another view of 82008, 83012 and 81002 around the turntable.

82008, 81002 and 83012 stand around the turntable during the gala. The difference that several hours of elbow-grease can make can be seen by the change in colour of the 81's paintwork compared to when it arrived.

Who says electrics aren't atmospheric? 82008, 81002 and 83012 sit under the lights on the evening of the 12th December.

The buffing up of 81002's paintwork for the December gala is shown to good effect, as is the difference between Electric Blue and TIP blue on the nose end!

An unusual view from the roof of 82008, showing E3003 (81002) and 83012 beyond.

Keith flattens off 81002's cab end ready for new paint.

An overview of the roundhouse on 5th April 1999, with 83012 on the left, 45060, 37111, 82008 wearing grey undercoat around its cab, and E3003 (81002).

The opportunity was taken to improve 81002's appearance by adding small yellow warning panels to the existing Electric Blue livery. Here the loco is turned, complete with masked panel. to allow work to proceed at the other end.

E3003 (81002) shows off its new yellow warning panels in the roundhouse.

E3003 (81002) on display at the July 1999 Gala at Barrow Hill.

The electric line-up is headed by 83012, with 82008 and E3003 (81002) beyond. In the distance is the cab from E3044 (84009).

The touched-up Electric Blue paintwork gleams on E3003 (81002).

A night-time view of E3003 (81002) and 83012 stabled in the roundhouse on 13th November.

The 27th November marked the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the first Class 81, E3001 (later 81001). To mark the event we reunited as many of the 81s as we could get our hands on, including the prototype! 81002 provides the backdrop for 81001, 81015 and 81019.

Early shunting moves for the 2000 Steam Gala produced an interesting juxtaposition of E3003 (81002) and 85101.

As 82008 was hauled up the yard, it briefly lined up with E3003 (81002, left) and 85101.

Later in the week E3003 (81002), 82008 and 85101 were stabled in the yard awaiting transfer to the storage area.

On the evening before the Steam Gala, the rest of the fleet was lined up in the storage area, with E3044 (84009) leading E3003 (81002), 82008 and 85101.

E3035 (83012) was given a brake test on 29th July, in advance of its journey to Old Oak Common Open Days. As it was hauled up the yard it passed E3003 (81002) and E3044 (84009) giving an interesting "electric blue" line up.

Outside, in the rain, four of the five locos were lined up in the yard. E3035 (83012) leads E3003 (81002), 84001 (which had been turned to hide the worst of the peeling paint) and 85101.

E3003 (81002) and E3035 (83012) compare shades of blue and style of cast number.

E3003 (81002) stored in the yard at Barrow Hill.

For Barrow Hill's Steam Gala in July '01, our original collection was stabled opposite the new plaform. 85101 leads E3003 (81002), 82008 and E3035 (83012).

On the morning of the first day of the 2001 Diesel and Electric gala, E3035 leads the Generator Car (99625), 82008, E3003 (81002) and 85101. The Generator Car is in operation and provided power for both the 83 and 82, with both roaring over the weekend.

At the end of September, time was taken to clean up the internal locos prior to Barrow Hill's "Rail Blue" diesel gala. Petrina and Andy give 81002 and 82008 a wash down.

Following its clean E3003 (81002) looked far better; with the oxidised layer removed the loco almost shone!

81002 (left) and 82008 stand on display in readiness for the diesel gala the following day.

A company producing a video about the Hornby-Dublo AL1 model approached us for access to the real thing. The shoot inside E3003 (81002) took place on 22nd February 2003.

Work on 84001 (right) continues alongside E3003 (81002) and 82008.

The roof of E3003 (81002) shows just how much dirt can accumulate, even in a shed. 82008 is visible to the left.

The 2003 diesel gala saw E3003 (81002), 82008 and 73138 remain in the roundhouse on display.

Also in the yard were 84001 (left), E3003 (81002) and 82008.

All the AC fleet bar 84001 was put on show In the new commercial shed. From left to right are E3003 (81002), 82008, 83012, 85101 and 86213.

This view of E3003 (81002) and 86213 shows the advanced state of construction of the new shed.

This view of E3003 (81002) and 86213 through the side wall of the shed was short-lived, as cladding was applied shortly after the gala.

The corridor side of 81002 is rubbed down in preparation for a repaint.

Glenn and Pickle at work on 81002's cab roof area. Yes, Pickle is actually doing some work.

One of the new skin sections ready for grinding on 81002's cab side.

85101, 82008 and 81002 dominate the view across the turntable.

Sanding the cant-rail fairings on 81002.

With metalwork repairs complete, one of 81002's cabs is primed ready for painting.

The equipment side of 81002, sanded flat, spot-primed and ready for undercoat.

81002's cab gets attention from the grinder.

One of the cabs rubbed down ready for undercoating.

The corridor side of 81002 in full undercoat.

Another view down 81002's corridor side, showing the new undercoat.

81002 also received further attention, with the completed cab being rubbed down, primed and undercoated.

82008 stands alongside 81002, which had also received a yellow end by this time.

One of 81002's cabs in primer and ready for the refitting of windows.

Cabside of 81002 in primer.

With restoration of much of the air and electrical systems, 81002's pantograph is raised using air power. The rope was to stop the pantograph from going overheight.

On 1st April 2006 81002's main blower fans were restarted, with a resultant "clag" from 16 years-worth of dust and accumulated dirt. All seven fans were run up following extensive work to restore the 137V circuits.

With electrical work continuing inside 81002, external grilles have been removed to allow easy access to the cooling fans and other equipment.

81002's windscreens removed for stripping and cleaning.

Grinding out rust from around the window openings on 81002's cab,

81002's pantograph raised again for testing of the Auto Drop Device.

Portrait of 81002 with pantograph raised.

81002 in unusual company at Barrow Hill.

A first for the group, with four locos around the turntable. Left to right: 85101, 83012, 81002 and 86101.

And not forgetting the rest of the fleet - here 85101, 83012 and 81002 stand on their restoration roads in the shed.

Still mid-way through an overhaul, 81002 was sheeted up so that it could be parked outside for the gala.

Another view of the caterpillar-like sheets on 81002.

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