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E3003 (81002), 82008 and 83012 were lined up at the west end of the depot. This photo was used on the cover of our first newsletter in August 1997.

Another view of 83012, 82008 and E3003 (81002) amongst the crowds at Crewe Electric.

82008 had been given a very rough-and-ready repaint into Rail Blue by its previous owners.

... and finally 82008.

The opportunity was taken to check the locomotives over. By now they had been shunted out of the shed and stored around the back. 82008 leads the line up.

Beyond 82008 were 85101, 83012 and E3003 (81002). Rob checks out 83012's cabs.

Whilst 20311 ran round the locos waited under Crewe's overall roof. 82008 is nearest the camera with 83012 and E3003 (81002) beyond.

20311+20310 open up as they haul E3003 (81002), 83012 and 82008 out of Crewe.

E3003 (81002) leads 83012 and 82008 around the main-line connection at Barrow Hill.

82008 wears the Group's headboard as it awaits entry into Barrow Hill shed.

After uncoupling the coaches, Barrow Hill's Baguley 0-4-0 shunter is attached to 82008.

The Baguley shunter hauls 82008 into the yard at Barrow Hill.

The first AC electric on Barrow Hill's turntable was 82008.

Barrow Hill's other "shunter" pushes 82008 into position in the shed.

45060, 37111, 82008, 83012 and E3003 (81002) around the turntable on the Sunday morning.

The low December sun highlights the three sloping fronts of 82008, 83012 and 81002.

Another view of 82008, 83012 and 81002 around the turntable.

82008, 81002 and 83012 stand around the turntable during the gala. The difference that several hours of elbow-grease can make can be seen by the change in colour of the 81's paintwork compared to when it arrived.

Who says electrics aren't atmospheric? 82008, 81002 and 83012 sit under the lights on the evening of the 12th December.

82008 was given a minor modification when its missing No1 end numbers were painted in.

A portrait of 82008 in the roundhouse, showing the dent in the No2 cab corner.

An unusual view from the roof of 82008, showing E3003 (81002) and 83012 beyond.

The old filler in 82008's dent was removed for repainting.

Work to repaint 82008 began by undercoating the cabs where the yellow would be applied. The existing Rail Blue bodysides were retained with only minor touching up.

An overview of the roundhouse on 5th April 1999, with 83012 on the left, 45060, 37111, 82008 wearing grey undercoat around its cab, and E3003 (81002).

82008's repaint was well underway by the 8th April, with the yellow and black applied to the cab, and the first logo masked and undercoated.

The finishing touches are applied to 82008 as Rob smooths off the numerals and Glenn applies a "BH" depot sticker.

With only the cant-rail stripe to add, 82008 is hauled out into the evening sunshine on 9th April, prior to the April Gala over the following two days.

With the cant-rail stripe in place around the cab ends 82008's mini-transformation is complete as the sun sets on 9th April.

82008 takes pride of place in the yard on the Saturday of the Gala.

An overview of the yard, with 82008 on the right.

The electric line-up is headed by 83012, with 82008 and E3003 (81002) beyond. In the distance is the cab from E3044 (84009).

82008 displays its "temporary" Large Logo livery once again.

Electrical restoration on 82008 had progressed to the stage where the loco's lighting circuits could be re-energised by 4th March 2000.

In preparation for the Steam Gala, 82008 is turned prior to being hauled out of the roundhouse.

As 82008 was hauled up the yard, it briefly lined up with E3003 (81002, left) and 85101.

Later in the week E3003 (81002), 82008 and 85101 were stabled in the yard awaiting transfer to the storage area.

On the evening before the Steam Gala, the rest of the fleet was lined up in the storage area, with E3044 (84009) leading E3003 (81002), 82008 and 85101.

82008 remained in the shed to provide "roaring" demonstrations using the shed's electricity supply. This arrangement had nothing whatsoever to do with the loss of power to the turntable and kitchen at the roundhouse.

82008 on display with lights on and fans roaring in the yard, courtesy of the Generator Car behind.

E3044's cab was opened up as our stand for the gala, positioned in front of 82008.

For Barrow Hill's Steam Gala in July '01, our original collection was stabled opposite the new plaform. 85101 leads E3003 (81002), 82008 and E3035 (83012).

A view from the other end of the line up, with 82008 closest.

On the morning of the first day of the 2001 Diesel and Electric gala, E3035 leads the Generator Car (99625), 82008, E3003 (81002) and 85101. The Generator Car is in operation and provided power for both the 83 and 82, with both roaring over the weekend.

82008 and E3035 (83012) were hauled to Crewe by three Class 50s and displayed at the east end of the depot. This overview shows 76076, 92022, E3035, 82008, 86417, 86213, 220016 and 47306.

Another long-shot of the depot, this time showing 92035, 76079, 82008, E3035 (83012), 92022, 86246, 86605, D345, 50015 and (just) 86228.

Close up of 82008 under the wires, with E3035 (83012) beyond.

A selection of AC power, with 325003, 92031 (just), 92002, 86246, 86605, D245 and 50015 flanking 82008 and E3035 (83012).

E3035 and 82008 were displayed opposite the platform.

In late July the position of 84001 on the short road in the roundhouse was proving awkward and it was swapped with 82008, which had been stabled in the restoration road. Both locomotives had to be pinch-barred by hand onto and off the turntable, and to fit the 82 on the short road a number of bits of "deltic" also had to be maneouvred out of the way.

84001 is seen here on the turntable being pushed back into the shed.

At the end of September, time was taken to clean up the internal locos prior to Barrow Hill's "Rail Blue" diesel gala. Petrina and Andy give 81002 and 82008 a wash down.

81002 (left) and 82008 stand on display in readiness for the diesel gala the following day.

Work on 84001 (right) continues alongside E3003 (81002) and 82008.

The roof of E3003 (81002) shows just how much dirt can accumulate, even in a shed. 82008 is visible to the left.

82008's old cells were removed during the week and replaced with a set recovered from 87101. Following installation, the DC lighting circuits were re-energised.

A deep layer of grime has accumulated on 82008's cab.

The 2003 diesel gala saw E3003 (81002), 82008 and 73138 remain in the roundhouse on display.

The 20-year-old dent in 82008's cab corner has been cut out for replacement.

Also in the yard were 84001 (left), E3003 (81002) and 82008.

All the AC fleet bar 84001 was put on show In the new commercial shed. From left to right are E3003 (81002), 82008, 83012, 85101 and 86213.

85101, 82008 and 81002 dominate the view across the turntable.

82008's equipment side, with rivet points chipped out, de-rusted, cleaned up, primed and filled.

The corridor side of 82008 with attention to rivets and panel edges ongoing.

A new aluminium cab corner has been fabricated to replace 82008's dented section.

82008 early in the week, with a lot of filler applied to the corridor side!

The first undercoat goes onto 82008.

82008 gets top coats of Executive Dark Grey and Rail Red were then applied.

82008's yellow ends received their first coat the following day.

Once the dark grey and red stripes had dried, 82008 was remasked for painting white undercoat, whilst a second yellow coat was applied to the cabs.

Early on the Sunday morning, 82008's white stripes and Executive Light Grey sections were painted, and the masking removed.

82008 stands alongside 81002, which had also received a yellow end by this time.

A portrait of 82008 awaiting the finishing touches.

Finishing touches being applied to 82008 the following weekend by Robin and Adrian.

Finally, over the first weekend in September, 82008's bogies and roof were touched up.

A view of 82008's bogies following spraying.

Awaiting departure from Barrow Hill are 82008, 83012 and 85101, with 73138 on the rear.

With 47826 attached, 82008, 83012 and 85101 await departure to Crewe, via Derby and Lichfield.

47826 hauls 82008, E3035 (83012) and 85101 into Crewe Works.

85101, E3035 (83012) and 82008 are propelled into holding sidings by 47826 at Crewe Works.

Stabled with other exhibits, 82008, E3035 (83012) and 85101 await positioning for display at Crewe Works.

82008 contrasts strongly with the adjacent wagon in Crewe Works holding sidings.

The electric line up was positioned by the main site entrance road: the view that greeted traders and exhibitors on Friday afternoon comprised 73138. 82008, 83012, 84001, 85101 and 89001.

82008 on display following the hurried addition of its running numbers!

An overview of the electric line-up on Friday afternoon, with 89001 leading 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138.

A view down the line-up early on Sunday morning, with 87002, 87001, 86213, 89001, 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138 all visible to a greater or lesser extent.

Finally, as the site closed on Sunday evening, the fence alongside 82008 was removed, allowing a clear view down the side as the sun set.

The team took a moment to clean 82008...

Next for treatment was 82008 - grime apparent on the cab ends.

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