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E3003 (81002), 82008 and 83012 were lined up at the west end of the depot. This photo was used on the cover of our first newsletter in August 1997.

Another view of 83012, 82008 and E3003 (81002) amongst the crowds at Crewe Electric.

83012 on display showing its fading InterCity livery. This loco had benefitted from a cosmetic makeover whilst with its previous owners.

83012 was next in line ...

Beyond 82008 were 85101, 83012 and E3003 (81002). Rob checks out 83012's cabs.

A view from the other end of the rake with E3003 (81002) nearest, followed by 83012 and 85101.

Whilst 20311 ran round the locos waited under Crewe's overall roof. 82008 is nearest the camera with 83012 and E3003 (81002) beyond.

20311+20310 open up as they haul E3003 (81002), 83012 and 82008 out of Crewe.

E3003 (81002) leads 83012 and 82008 around the main-line connection at Barrow Hill.

The Baguley hauls 83012 into the shed.

83012 is turned inside the roundhouse.

45060, 37111, 82008, 83012 and E3003 (81002) around the turntable on the Sunday morning.

The low December sun highlights the three sloping fronts of 82008, 83012 and 81002.

Another view of 82008, 83012 and 81002 around the turntable.

82008, 81002 and 83012 stand around the turntable during the gala. The difference that several hours of elbow-grease can make can be seen by the change in colour of the 81's paintwork compared to when it arrived.

Electric meets Steam at Barrow Hill. "Kolaphur" faces up to its WCML successor in the form of 83012.

Who says electrics aren't atmospheric? 82008, 81002 and 83012 sit under the lights on the evening of the 12th December.

83012 had also been given a smartening for the December Gala, evidenced by the brightened yellow ends and replacement of missing headcode blinds.

By late February 83012's lighting circuits had been re-energised.

An unusual view from the roof of 82008, showing E3003 (81002) and 83012 beyond.

An overview of the roundhouse on 5th April 1999, with 83012 on the left, 45060, 37111, 82008 wearing grey undercoat around its cab, and E3003 (81002).

With a power feed from the Barrow Hill 415V electrical supply, 83012's various blower motors were restored to operation in early 1999. The cloud of dust above 83012 was vented as one of the blowers was restarted for the first time, shifting some 12 years worth of collected dirt!

83012 provided "Roaring" demonstrations, plugged into the shed's electricity supply.

The electric line-up is headed by 83012, with 82008 and E3003 (81002) beyond. In the distance is the cab from E3044 (84009).

On display for the last time in InterCity colours, 83012 stands in the yard on the site of what would become the shed's running line.

A night-time view of E3003 (81002) and 83012 stabled in the roundhouse on 13th November.

On the day that the 85 departed from Crewe, 83012 is seen at the start of its transformaion to E3035.

The restoration team applies primer around one of the corridor-side windows on 83012.

With 83012 turned, work started on rubbing down the paintwork on the equipment side, resulting in this "softened" look to the stripes.

Undercoating of the corridor side of 83012 was complete by this time.

Early in the 2000 working week, the equipment side of 83012 gets a layer of undercoat.

Undercoating of 83012's equipment side was completed by the 13th of July.

As soot and smut rained down from the visiting steam locos, the equipment side of 83012 received its top coat of TIP blue. The corridor side had been completed the previous day.

83012 confounds visitors to the Steam Gala by not carrying any numbers. One of the cast "E3035" numbers is just visible in the cab windows.

E3035 (83012) was given a brake test on 29th July, in advance of its journey to Old Oak Common Open Days. As it was hauled up the yard it passed E3003 (81002) and E3044 (84009) giving an interesting "electric blue" line up.

After the successful brake test E3035 (83012) was propelled back into the shed for the fitting of cast numbers and lion-and-wheel emblems.

Almost complete. E3035 (83012) stands in the shed complete with white buffers, cast numbers, worksplates and lion-and-wheel emblems.

E3035 (83012) makes a fine sight on show at Old Oak Common.

Another view of E3035 (83012) on show alongside vehicles from the Royal Train at Old Oak Common.

An unusual visitor was Irish "C" class C231, seen beyond E3035 (83012).

Outside, in the rain, four of the five locos were lined up in the yard. E3035 (83012) leads E3003 (81002), 84001 (which had been turned to hide the worst of the peeling paint) and 85101.

E3003 (81002) and E3035 (83012) compare shades of blue and style of cast number.

For Barrow Hill's Steam Gala in July '01, our original collection was stabled opposite the new plaform. 85101 leads E3003 (81002), 82008 and E3035 (83012).

The evening sun shines on E3035 (83012) and provides and interesting comparison of blues with Network SouthEast 50002 in the background.

82008 and E3035 (83012) were hauled to Crewe by three Class 50s and displayed at the east end of the depot. This overview shows 76076, 92022, E3035, 82008, 86417, 86213, 220016 and 47306.

Another long-shot of the depot, this time showing 92035, 76079, 82008, E3035 (83012), 92022, 86246, 86605, D345, 50015 and (just) 86228.

Close up of 82008 under the wires, with E3035 (83012) beyond.

E3035 (83012) and 76079 make an almost 1960s appearance, ignoring the 92s in the background!

A selection of AC power, with 325003, 92031 (just), 92002, 86246, 86605, D245 and 50015 flanking 82008 and E3035 (83012).

86606, 92022 and 92028 surround E3035 (83012).

The low sun makes an interesting composition of 86213, 85101, 83012 and 84009 in the yard at Barrow Hill.

"Electric Alley" with (from left to right) 86261, 84001, 86609, 90028, 89001, 85101, E5001 and E3035 (83012) all visible.

The AC Loco Group's three exhibits are all visible here, with 85101 in the background on the left, 84001 prominent in the centre, and E3035 (83012) in the background on the right.

Over the crowds: a long view down to E3035 (83012), E5001, 85101 and 89001.

E3035 (83012), 84001 and 85101 stand in the yard at Barrow Hill.

The other locomotives were lined up behind 86213: 85101, 84001 and E3035 (83012) provide interesting livery contrasts.

There was a covering of snow by the end of the week - 86213, 85101, E3035 (83012) and 73119 sit in this wintry scene.

Not many preservation venues can offer this sort of electric line up: from left to right are E3044 (84009), 86213, 85101, E3035 (83012) and 27000.

All the AC fleet bar 84001 was put on show In the new commercial shed. From left to right are E3003 (81002), 82008, 83012, 85101 and 86213.

Awaiting departure from Barrow Hill are 82008, 83012 and 85101, with 73138 on the rear.

With 47826 attached, 82008, 83012 and 85101 await departure to Crewe, via Derby and Lichfield.

47826 hauls 82008, E3035 (83012) and 85101 into Crewe Works.

85101, E3035 (83012) and 82008 are propelled into holding sidings by 47826 at Crewe Works.

Stabled with other exhibits, 82008, E3035 (83012) and 85101 await positioning for display at Crewe Works.

The electric line up was positioned by the main site entrance road: the view that greeted traders and exhibitors on Friday afternoon comprised 73138. 82008, 83012, 84001, 85101 and 89001.

E3035 (83012) was next in line.

An overview of the electric line-up on Friday afternoon, with 89001 leading 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138.

A view down the line-up early on Sunday morning, with 87002, 87001, 86213, 89001, 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138 all visible to a greater or lesser extent.

A first for the group, with four locos around the turntable. Left to right: 85101, 83012, 81002 and 86101.

And not forgetting the rest of the fleet - here 85101, 83012 and 81002 stand on their restoration roads in the shed.

A corroded panel on 83012's cabside has been cut away for replacement.

Final bodywork preparation well underway prior to undercoating.

Top coat goes on to 83012 at last.

Nearly finished. With handrails still to fit and a couple of little jobs to complete, E3035 (83012) once again looks the business.

Another view of E3035 (83012) resplendent in Electric Blue livery.

En route to York, E3035 (83012) is hauled north by a GBRf 66.

On display in the NRM yard prior to the main gala.

Although clearly visible, it wasn't obvious from the positioning of E3035 for the 1968 show that the loco was actually part of the display. It was the only locomotive on display not closely accessible to visitors, and was parked among unrestored vehicles to the rear of the running line.

A broadside view of E3035 from the public area.

A closer inspection was available from on board the passenger shuttles.

Another view of E3035 at York.

E3035 and 85101 stand on show inside the roundhouse.

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