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86101 undergoing pantograph tests in the Roundhouse at Barrow Hill.

86101 stabled in the Roundhouse at Barrow Hill.

Rubbing down is underway on 86101 at Barrow Hill.

Close up of 86101's cabside during rubbing down and filling.

Rob, Owen, Glenn and Pickle pretending to work on 86101.

Sanding down filler on 86101's cabs

Work continuing into the night as green primer is applied to bare metal on 86101.

Now fully undercoated on all but one cab, 86101 awaits top-coat at Barrow Hill

Two generations of West Coast Main Line traction as 45596 and 86101 compare notes.

86101 and the first Class 26 in a race for completion.

With just the finishing touches to complete, 86101 gleams in its new coat of blue.

First impressions of 86101 fully repainted and with nameplates attached at Barrow Hill.

Close up of 86101's nameplate shortly after fitting.

Close up of the cabside of 86101 after the addition of numbers and data panels.

89001 through 86101's driver's window.

A first for the group, with four locos around the turntable. Left to right: 85101, 83012, 81002 and 86101.

Pantograph, insulators and bus-bars on 86101 receiving attention.

All finished! 86101 gleams in rail blue, with all stickers, vinyls and final touches added.

Refitting the brake stack to 86101 after replacing the motor.

Rolled out into the "Garden" at Barrow Hill - 86101.

New brake stack motor lowered into position in 86101.

Painting 86101's internal panels.

Air Blast Circuit Breaker ready for action on 86101.

86101 with lights on at Barrow Hill.

Close up of 86101's number and data panels

Just four weeks to go. 86101 receiving final checks and tests at Barrow Hill.

A view along 86101's roof.

Look out!

The last full working day at Barrow Hill - polishing the nameplates!

Some of the 86101 restoration team take a well earned break in front of their steed. From left to right: Glenn, Mike, Paul, Keith (kneeling), Robin and Alistair.

86101 is hauled out of the new shed at Barrow Hill on the morning of 12th March.

During the shunt 86101 was briefly coupled to 89001 allowing the two to share notes on preserved ACs returning to the main line.

A portrait of 86101 at Barrow Hill awaiting her escort to Crewe.

Back on her old stamping ground at last - 86101 stands in platform 11 at Crewe awaiting the trip to Crewe South.

Stabled at Crewe South at the end of the day.

The moment of truth near Stafford, as 86101 approaches, hauling 47847 from Crewe.

86101 approaches Stafford on 15th March 2007 - it's first main-line run in preservation.

Broadside view of 86101 as it approaches Stafford.

86101 passes its replacement for crack WCML expresses.

Running round the 47 at Stafford, 86101 makes its way beneath the gantries.

Awaiting the road back to Crewe, 86101 sits at Stafford following its first run on the main line.

86101 approaches Winwick on the loaded test run.

Arriving at Preston on its second test run, 86101 is framed by a 142 and a 390.

A closer view as 86101 rolls into Preston on its loaded test run.

The return run passes Winwick.

Before and after!

On Friday afternoon 86101 is given its final checks prior to working the ECS move from Crewe to Carlisle.

Awaiting the arrival of the stock as dusk descends.

Late on Friday evening, with stock attached, 86101 waits for a path through Crewe station.

After a storming run through the night, arrival of the ECS at Carlisle was after midnight. 86101 stands at the north end of platform 3 at Carlisle at about 00:15 on Saturday morning.

Despite the late arrival, a bunch of dedicated enthusiasts were waiting for us!

0600 on Saturday morning, and 86101 is waiting at the head of the Mk2s, ready to head its first railtour south.

Another view of 86101 in the Carlisle dawn.

And another view.

Glorious weather accompanied the tour for most of its outward leg - here 86101 basks in the sun behind a helpfully-positioned platform ornament at Preston.

In glorious sunshine 86101 passes Preston Brook on the southbound run.

The train heads south near Weaver Junction.

Arrival at Crewe.

Unprecendented scenes at Crewe as enthusiasts jostle for position around 86101.

86101 heads off for the Carriage Shed having been detached.

86101 snakes across the Crewe approaches, heading for the Carriage Shed.

The return leg arrives at Preston behind 86101, prior to a storming run over Shap back to Carlisle.

Driver Angie looks for the right-away at Preston.

Ready for departure on the return empty stock on Sunday morning - 86101 waits for the road at Carlisle.

The empty stock move heads south.

The train snakes away from Carlisle, heading for Crewe.

86101 ready for departure from Crewe LNWR on 3rd May 2007, with the blue/grey Mk3 set.

A long shot down the shed as 86101 prepares to depart.

86101 arrives at Preson on a gloriously sunny 3rd May with the Mk3 test run.

Almost like the old days at Preston!

Back at Crewe following the test run.

86101 at Crewe Carriage Shed ready to depart for Carlisle on its first run following OTMR fitment.

86101 at Carlisle, following its successful northbound run.

86101 pauses at Abington loops on its way to Carstairs and thence to Doncaster.

86101 threads its way through Princes Street Gardens approaching Edinburgh.

86101 passes through platform 20/ platform 1 at Edinburgh Waverley, en route to Doncaster.

Reflections at Waverley.

86101 briefly draws to a halt at the signal, before heading south along the ECML - a first for an 86/1?

Waiting in the loops at Drem.

86101 leaves Newcastle, passing a northbound 91.

Crowds gather on the platform at York as 86101 sweeps through.

86101 charges past Colton Junction at 110mph.

Destination in sight - 86101 arrives at Doncaster.

86101 passing through the centre roads at Doncaster, heading for the Royal Mail terminal.

Enthusiasts observe 86101 and the Mk3 set at Doncaster.

On arrival at the Royal Mail platform at Doncaster, ACLG and Cargo-D staff join the train crew for a quick photo.

10,000 dead flies say it all...

On the day before the Atomic Harbourmaster tour, 86101, which had been at Doncaster in preparation for use with Hull Trains, was taken to Crewe light engine, via the North London Line, seen here passing Langford on the ECML.

Continuing on its way south, 86101 passes through Huntingdon.

Early in the morning of 20th October, 86101 awaits departure from Crewe with the Atomic Harbourmaster railtour to Euston.

As the sun rises, 86101 pulls into Birmingham International with the Atomic Harbourmaster tour.

86101 hauls the Atomic Harbourmaster past Gordon's Lodge in the early morning sunshine.

A pause at Wembley Central, awaiting clearance to enter the yards.

Following arrival at Euston 86101 was uncoupled - the tour proceeded with diesel power to Folkestone. Definitely back at the old haunts!

The next few shots capture just about every second of the 86101's passage through Sandy. Since so many folks made the effort to send us pictures, we thought we'd use as many as we could!

A view from the other side as the train approaches Sandy.

One second later...

Another half second later...!

86101 heads north through Sandy with matching Mk3s in tow.

We couldn't decide which of these to use... so here are both! Two shots taken a split-second apart of 87022 bringing up the rear of the test train. Thanks to all who responded to our request for photos!

A little further north, 86101 passes Offord with its new pantograph stretching high.

86101 approaches Huntingdon with the Hull Trains test run.

On arrival at Peterborough the run was terminated and headed back to Bounds Green. 86101 waits under the overbridge at Eastfield.

One of the few locations where you'll find a 5000hp 25kV loco controlled by a semaphore signal!

Close up of 86101's new pantograph - also fitted with the longer horns (as per Class 91) for use on the ECML.

86101 on the rear of the first DVT test run at Grantham.

86101 continued to perform well on the tests.

Awaiting departure with the first regular service train to be hauled by a preserved AC locomotive, 86101 sits at Doncaster in heavy rain.

The moment of departure as 86101 heads south from Doncaster.

86101 pulls into Kings Cross on its first Hull Trains service from Doncaster to be greeted by enthusiasts and photographers.

On the blocks at Kings Cross.

The driver of 86101 poses for photographs under the overall roof.

Stanier and the WCML finally take over the ECML!

It could be 1983! 86101 waits to depart northwards on the Saturday morning.

Destination Hull!?

Checking the doors at Retford.

During the seven-hour layover, the train was stabled in the West Yard at Doncaster. 86101 guides the rake into the sidings.

Awaiting departure for Kings Cross.

Stanier conquers the East Coast!

Back at the Cross - time for a pint!

The 'hump-back' nature of the tracks leading north out of Doncaster is shown to exaggerated effect as 86101 prepares to reverse for stabling.

Departing Grantham on 27th January.

86101 passes Biggleswade.

On its penultimate day in traffic with Hull Trains, 86101 storms past Everton.

Preparing for departure from LNWR Crewe.

On its first run on the main line in preservation, 87002 hauls 86101 past Norton Crossing near Runcorn on 16th July 2008.

Rolling into the down platform at Carstairs, 87002 leads 86101 and the Mk3 rake.

Nose to nose - 86101 and 87002 exchange notes at Carstairs.

It's behind you! Photographers get their chance to snap a clear shot of 86101 as 87002 runs north prior to running round.

ACLG domination of the WCML?! 87002 runs past 86101.

87002 couples to the rear of the Mk3 set. 86101 then hauled the consist out of the platform and into the Up loop beyond the station to allow north and southbound ECML services to pass.

Not a common sight! 86101 keeps 87010 company at Crewe.

The same train passes Winwick on 13th June.

A dramatic sequence as 86101 storms south through the Scottish hills on 15th August. (1)

A dramatic sequence as 86101 storms south through the Scottish hills on 15th August. (2)

A dramatic sequence as 86101 storms south through the Scottish hills on 15th August. (3)

The same train passes Winwick a few hours later, a few minutes from its destination of Warrington.

On 15th August, 86101 made its first southbound outing on the mails, hauling 325s down to Willesden; it returned on 22nd August, having been on standby in the capital.

86101 was called upon in early October to provide power for a test run of the new Cargo-D Mk2 rake, prior to its launch on the "Electric Scot" tribute tour. It is seen at Carnforth prior to returning to Crewe.

On 22nd November, both 86101 and 87002 were requested by GBRf to haul a private tour from Doncaster to Edinburgh. Here 86101 leads 87002 south through Acton Bridge during the positioning move from Carnforth to Doncaster.

Dawn at Doncaster - 86101 faces up to a 91 in the west yard.

Almost like old times (well, earlier in 2008 anyway) as 86101 brings up the rear of the GBRf special at Doncaster.

On the rear, 86101 is prepared to haul the train back to Craigentinny for stabling.

86101 on a driver training trip at Rugby.

86101 at Wembley Inter City Depot.

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