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The nameplate and logo crest in place on the side of 87002.

With plates affixed, 87002 awaits vinyls to complete the revised livery.

87002 at Wembley awaiting its next duties. Note the addition of the "Porterbrook" word to the right of the logo.

The livery arrangement on the equipment side of 87002 has been altered to match the corridor side.

87002 at the head of its train shortly after arrival at Birmingham New Street.

Propelling its train southwards, 87002 leaves Birmingham New Street for London.

A close up of the cast AC Loco Group logo on the side of 87002.

A still from a video capture as 87002 hurries through Tile Hill.

87002 at Coventry with a southbound service. This shot shows off the new livery arrangement on the equipment side, where previously there was the wide silver band and "Porterbrook" legend.

Close up of 87002's nameplate and crest at Coventry.

The evening before the farewell run, 87010 and 87002 are seen at the head of their train, alongside 87019 which also ran on the Friday.

Another view of 87010 and 87002 at Wembley on the evening before the run.

87010 and 87002 await departure from Euston with the 0938 to Manchester.

87010 and 87002 arriving at Northampton - if you look carefully you can
see Pete Waterman in the secondman's seat of 87010!

87010 leads 87002 and the Farewell train out of Crewe.

87002 with its pantograph up at Manchester Piccadilly, shortly after arrival.

Optimistic allocation sticker on 87002!

87002 and 87010 at the stops at Manchester Piccadilly.

87002 and 87010 under the roof at Manchester.

Farewell Manchester - the view from the cab of 87002 as the stock departs for Longsight. The 87's replacement can be seen in the adjacent platform.

87002 and 87010 standing tall at Longsight.

87010 and 87002 at Longsight, awaiting departure for Oxley.

Prior to the line up, all the 87s were stabled along with 86213 in the Cripple Siding. From left to right are 87001, 87012, 87010, 87019, 87002, 87004, 87030, 87031 and 86213.

As the line-up takes shape, a view from the yard with 87004, 87030, 87031 and 86213 on the left; 87001, 87002, 87010, 87012 and 87019 from left to right in the distance.

87001, 87002, 87010, 87012 and 87019 make a colourful scene.

87001, 87002, 87010, 87012 and 87019 proudly form the line up as a fitting send-off for the class.

On the Friday morning, 87002, 87001 and 86213 await collection at Wembley.

Following a fire on the locomotive that was booked to haul 86213, 87001 and 87002 to Crewe, the move looked to be in doubt. Virgin Trains came to the rescue and provided 57308 to haul the three north. Here 57308 is coupled to the rake ready for departure.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening, exhibits continued to arrive; 57308 brought 86213, 87001 and 87002 from Wembley. The locos were parked in the reception sidings overnight and shunted into position on Saturday morning.

Waiting to be moved into position, 87002 and 87001 stand at adjacent to the traverser.

87002 was positioned on display just ahead of the other electrics.

A symmetrical view between 87001 and 86213, with 87002 beyond.

A view down the line-up early on Sunday morning, with 87002, 87001, 86213, 89001, 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138 all visible to a greater or lesser extent.

On 15th September the first return loco move was made, when 87002, 86213 and 87001 were hauled back to Wembley by 57312.

The Silverlink Swansong railtour provided an opportunity to grab a last view of 87002 following its sale for export.

'Our' 87, 87002, heads through Reading in the company of 87022 and 87028, headed for Long Marston and a new lease of life.

87002 is hauled through Swindon, en route to Long Marston.

The final convoy of 87s heads for Long Marston through Swindon.

Poking its nose out of the repair shed at Long Marston, 87002 undergoes attention.

The loco that bears our name, but not for much longer.

73138 coupled to 87002 ready for a shunt.

Cleaning the choke compartment in 87002.

The No2 rectifier in 87002.

73138 shunts 87002 at Long Marston.

87002 undergoes attention in the repair shed at Long Marston.

A final look at 87002 with her AC Loco Group plates on.

OTMR kit installed in 87002's cab.

The OTMR case installed behind the bulkhead.

Master controller cams being checked during 87002's E-exam.

Work continues into the night at Long Marston.

The camera flash almost creates an illusion of a headlight!

On 25/26th February 2008, ETS personnel removed our nameplates from the side of 87002. Big, aren't they?

The cast logos followed.

While the first batch of 87s for export headed for Crewe for testing, 87002 was moved into the shed for the final stages of its exam and repaint.

With 36-way jumper cable boxes temporarily re-affixed to the front end, 87002 begins to gain a retro look on 25th April.

Both 87s have new leases of life ahead of them, but in vastly different ways! 87002 shares the shed with 87028.

The overhauled pantograph in position on 87002's repainted roof.

Undercoated 87002.

Undercoat applied, and buffer beam work underway at Long Marston.

Shades of Willesden depot. with 87007, 87008, and 87002 receiving attention, and 87026 awaiting its turn.

Yellow ends and Rail Blue being applied.

Rail blue on the cabsides.

Almost ready for unveiling!

With the final touches applied, 87002 waits to be rolled out just before Long Marston's 2008 Open Weekend.

During shunting, 87002 and 86401 were coupled together briefly.

Standing proud at Long Marston.

Portrait of 87002 following completion of restoration.

The corridor side.

87002 makes an interesting comparison with 87020.

Broadside view of 87002.

Brecknell Willis overhauled 87002's pantograph.

87002 stands outside at Long Marston.

A clear evening provides an opportunity for some arty shots!

Shortly after sunset.

A 1980s Inter-City moment as 87002 awaits departure from Long Marston on 13th June.

Looking the part ahead of a blue/grey Mk3!

On the colourful side of the yard, 73201, 86401 and 87002 were the main exhibits.

87002 and classmates awaiting the crowds on Saturday morning.

Crowds gather round 87002...

...on all sides.

With fewer people around, 86401 and 87002 catch the late afternoon sunshine.

Still stealing the show late on Sunday, 87002 awaits movement to Crewe.

Waiting for the move across to LNWR from Crewe station.

Commissioning work on 20th June saw 87002's pantograph raised as various tests were undertaken.

87002 plots revenge on its usurper at Crewe.

Preparing for departure from LNWR Crewe.

On its first run on the main line in preservation, 87002 hauls 86101 past Norton Crossing near Runcorn on 16th July 2008.

Paused at Penrith to allow a northbound service to pass.

GBRf's Steve Turner and John Thompson by 87002 at Penrith.

Rolling into the down platform at Carstairs, 87002 leads 86101 and the Mk3 rake.

Nose to nose - 86101 and 87002 exchange notes at Carstairs.

Just like the old days - almost! 87002 is uncoupled and waits to run round at Carstairs.

It's behind you! Photographers get their chance to snap a clear shot of 86101 as 87002 runs north prior to running round.

ACLG domination of the WCML?! 87002 runs past 86101.

87002 couples to the rear of the Mk3 set. 86101 then hauled the consist out of the platform and into the Up loop beyond the station to allow north and southbound ECML services to pass.

Waiting in the Up loop, 87002 prepares to return south.

Heading south near Tebay, 87002 heads the test run back to Crewe.

87002 on arrival back at Crewe after a successful run.

87002 made a brief appearance on the Mails at the end of September, ending up at the Willesden terminal on 30th.

Early on the Wednesday morning, 87002 prepares to head north from Birmingham international.

With matching stock in tow, 87002 recreates a classic 1980s scene.

Low-level view prior to departure.

With dawn just beginning to break, departure time approaches for 87002's first passenger working in preservation.

87002 pulls into Wolverhampton in the gloom.

87002 hauls the blue-grey rake out of Wigan North Western.

Passing Leyland on the approach to Preston.

87002 pulls into Platform 1 at Preston, a rare occurence even when 87s were commonplace.

Crew change in progress at Preston.

87002 gets the road north at Preston.

Pulling out of Preston on 15th October.

87002 awaits departure from Carlisle, in a scene which could have (almost) been taken 20 years earlier.

Storming Beattock with ease.

Awaiting departure for stabling at Polmadie.

On 22nd November, both 86101 and 87002 were requested by GBRf to haul a private tour from Doncaster to Edinburgh. Here 86101 leads 87002 south through Acton Bridge during the positioning move from Carnforth to Doncaster.

At the sharp end, 87002 was in fine form.

The distinctive headlight pattern of 87002 pierces the Waverley gloom as the special arrives at its destination.

New track for an 87? 87002 crosses over to platform 19 at Edinburgh.

87002 arriving at Edinburgh with the ex-Manchester Pullman rake.

87002 at Euston on an ECS working.

87002 at Euston ready to work a passenger service train to Wembley Yard.

87002 on an early morning diversion via Kidgsrove.

87002 at Euston about to leave for Edinburgh with the Highland Sleeper.

87002 at Edinburgh between Highland Sleeper workings.

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