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This was the view that greeted visitors arriving from Doncaster Station: a spectacular line-up of diesel and electric traction, with 89001, 85101 and E5001 nearest the camera.

89001 had been brought out of store at the nearby Bombardier plant for the event, and had been suitably buffed up for the occasion.

Modern AC traction was represented by examples from classes 89-92; here 89001, 91110 and 90028 are on display.

"Electric Alley" with (from left to right) 86261, 84001, 86609, 90028, 89001, 85101, E5001 and E3035 (83012) all visible.

Over the crowds: a long view down to E3035 (83012), E5001, 85101 and 89001.

A low-level view of the 89 featuring the group's headboard balanced on the front end.

Thirty or so years separate 89001 from EM2 27000 which was still at Barrow Hill awaiting a return to the Midland Railway Centre.

An unusual angle on the 89.

Early morning sun streams in on 89001's cab.

Standing, L-R: Brian Reynolds, Tony Brown, Paul Steane, Emily Brown, Eddie Knorn, Rob English, Glenn Edwards; kneeling, L-R: Keith Singleton, Ian Prince; backdrop: 89001.

89001 with its headlights on at Barrow Hill.

The dashboard in one of 89001's cabs with dials and controls lit up.

89001 on display in the yard at Barrow Hill.

Paul and Alistair fit a pantograph head to 89001.

The following day 47826 returned to Barrow Hill to collect 73138, 84001 and 89001, and is seen awaiting departure.

The convoy comprising 84001, 89001 and 73138 waits for a path at Derby.

The electric line up was positioned by the main site entrance road: the view that greeted traders and exhibitors on Friday afternoon comprised 73138. 82008, 83012, 84001, 85101 and 89001.

89001 was located at the end of the line up on Friday afternoon.

An overview of the electric line-up on Friday afternoon, with 89001 leading 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138.

A view down the line-up early on Sunday morning, with 87002, 87001, 86213, 89001, 85101, 84001, 83012, 82008 and 73138 all visible to a greater or lesser extent.

Crowds wait to visit 89001's cab, whilst Keith looks out for potential new members.

Another view along the line of locos, with 89001 to the left, and 85101 leading the Roarers.

Pausing in Stowmarket loop. the unlikely combination of 45112, D1023, 84001, 89001 and 73138 await the road, heading for Norwich.

89001 and 84001 on display, with the 73 just visible beyond.

84001 is reflected in the newly-revealed GNER loco on the side of 89001 at Norwich.

A digitally manipulated image of 89001 created for the Fictitious Liveries website, and designed to raise awareness of the group's appeal.

89001 through 86101's driver's window.

A poignant message scrawled on the side of 89001.

Dramatic low-angled shot of 89001's cab front.

89001's number.

Another low-angle view of 89001.

Outside, 89001 was just days away from the announcement of its preservation.

Following battery charging, 89001's lights are switched on.

During the shunt 86101 was briefly coupled to 89001 allowing the two to share notes on preserved ACs returning to the main line.

89001's GNER blue has been rubbed down, and grey undercoat is applied to the upper bodysides.

The GNER logo disappears under a new layer of undercoat.

Light grey undercoat is applied to 89001's lower bodysides.

Executive Dark Grey and Executive Light grey applied - just waiting for the stripes.

Ground-level view of 89001 receiving InterCity Executive livery.

Almost there! A high-level view showing the nearly finished paint job.

The Badger is Back! 89001's repaint nears completion.

Head on view of 89001 - just like she was 20 years ago.

The number says it all.

A few days after roll out, 89001 is stabled in the yard at Barrow Hill.

Surrounded by older traction.

A shot of 89001 as bogie details are picked out.

The day before the event, 89001 was shunted into position. Here it descends into the yard at Barrow Hill, propelled by a 20.

Passing another Co-Co design used on the ECML.

A high-level view as 89001 passes the coal stage.

89001 parked for display outside the Roundhouse.

A higher angle on 89001 in the Garden at Barrow Hill.

Awaiting visitors at Barrow Hill on the day before (and before the heavens opened!).

The weather on the day, combined with previous flooding in the area, conspired to reduce visitor numbers somewhat, but those that attended enjoyed the day. 89001 on display.

89001 with headlights blazing.

89001 and the ACLG banner.

89001 makes an incongruous sight between steam locos and shunters at Barrow Hill.

A striking view of 89001 in the shed doorway.

Keith and Robin clean 89001's roof-mounted electrical equipment in preparation for tests.

An 89 and smoke hoods?

First to receive some elbow grease was 89001 in the platform road.

The amount of grime accumulated by standing still is apparent in this shot.

Outside, 89001 was on display with one cab open to visitors.

The view from 89001's cab during the event.

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