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Before you contact us with a question, please check to see if it has already been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list below.

(And, yes, we have been asked all these things on countless occasions!)

Old Dalby

Yes, we are aware that this line is electrified and that its future has been the subject of speculation and uncertainty over the years; we cannot afford to buy or lease the line.

A "heritage" operation on the line would require around 4000 passengers per week, paying £10 each, all year round, to meet the running costs of the line, which is more than many of the country's top steam lines can achieve.

86s and 87s for sale or export

We are a locomotive preservation group. We do not export AC electric locomotives. We do not build AC electric locomotives. We do not own any companies that do! We have no structural connections with any companies that do.

We do have an associated company, Electric Traction Ltd that hires AC electric locomotives in the UK.

If you are looking for details of exports, you need to contact the companies that do this kind of work.

Please could you tell me how to join the group?

We have whole pages dedicated to this. Click the link.

Are any of your locos going to be restored to working order or go back on the Main Line?

Loco Restoration to
Working Order
Restoration to
Main Line condition
81002   Entirely feasible Unlikely at present
82008 A remote possibility Extremely unlikely
83012 Probably not Extremely unlikely
85006 Entirely feasible Unlikely at present
86101 It's already there Done!
86401 It's already there Done!
87002 It's already there Done!
89001 Underway   We'll look into it

Is the group going to save an example of ...?

Class 86/5 or 86/6, or another Class 86/2: We don't have any plans to acquire locomotives from these subclasses at present, however we are always on the lookout for good-quality locomotives, and assuming we have the cash to do so, may look at purchasing further Class 86s in the future, if circumstances are favourable.

Class 90, 91, 92, Eurotunnel Class 9, Eurostar: These types are not currently at risk of complete withdrawal from regular traffic. We have no plans at present to look at the preservation of these types.

Any AC EMU type: No.

Is the group going to put wires up at Barrow Hill?


Why didn't the group save ...?

84009: The former Mobile Load Bank ADB968021 was scrapped in 1995; the group formed in 1996. One cab was saved by Glenn Edwards, who, having witnessed the loco's scrapping, decided to do something about saving the other four, and formed the group.

87101: This loco was offered for sale by competetive tender by EWS. Our members bid for it, but were outbid by a major industry player who wanted various spares from the loco. We were able to purchase the unique transformer and some of the thyristor control gear and electronics.

304021: We did. Unfortunately a number of factors subsequently stacked up against us and in the end there was no alternative but to scrap the unit.

I'm making a model of ___ please can you send me drawings and photos of it?

You are very welcome to come to Barrow Hill on a public day and see the locomotives for yourself. If you require access to awkward areas please contact us in advance so that we can arrange for someone to escort you. We have a limited number of modeller-friendly photos, and are hoping to create a more comprehensive set for distribution shortly.

Diagrams of varying accuracy can be found in various publicly available books.

If I join your group will you make it a priority to save ___?

If your £16 subscription comes with a £60,000 donation, we'll look into it.

What colour are you going to paint ___?

Wait and see!

I'd like to buy an electric loco, will the group help by supplying: labour, schematics, industry contacts, recommendations, advice, a home, spares?

Buying a locomotive is the easy part. If you are serious about preserving an AC electric locomotive then yes, we will be happy to discuss the issues with you, however we will not supply parts, labour, accommodation, spares, equipment, diagrams, and so on free of charge. We will not give out details of our industry contacts. If you want the "pleasure" of owning an AC electric, you get the pain too!

How much did you pay for ___?

Can we borrow your bank card? What's your PIN?

Could you give me the figures for the increase in passenger mileage over the first five years after electrification of the Much Grumbling Line?

Whilst we do have a small collection of purely historical information about AC traction and electrification, we are principally a locomotive preservation group, and our main interests and activities revolve around the restoration and operation of some big bits of machinery. There are historical societies (or the National Railway Museum) who are more likely to be able to help you.

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