Restoration Update 86401 and 89001

The Class 89 has now been lowered back on to its bogies. The bogies have been fitted with overhauled traction motors, dampers, new axle bearings and inspected springs. Work on the electrical equipment within the locomotive has been significant, with overhauled items being reinstalled and a new HV cable assembly installed. During re-connection of the traction motors an unexpected problem was encountered with a damaged cable being found, this cable has now been replaced. A replacement TDM rack for the 89 has been obtained, the rack has tested and re-commissioned off the locomotive and now awaits testing aboard the locomotive.

86401 has visited Barrow Hill to have repairs to an ETS cable box undertaken by HNRC.

Picture; (Clockwise from Top Left) 86401 at Barrow Hill, 89001 #2 Bogie Lateral Dampers and Primary Vertical Springs.89001 #5 Traction Motor Installed in #2 bogie, 89001 #2 Bogie after re-assembly with locomotive body.