The AC Locomotive Group


As part of the programme of works to overhaul 89001 the locomotive has now been moved to Soho Depot in Birmingham. Moving the 89 to Soho will allow the locomotive to be subject to both offline and live (25kV) tests. In summary the tests are:

  • re-check all the control and auxiliary systems
  • pan up (the first time the loco will have been energised at 25 kV since 2000)
  • check the battery chargers, oil pumps, blower fans etc
  • check the field convertors
  • check the armature convertors
  • check for correct rotation of all six traction motors
  • make low speed movements around the depot, at up to the depot 5 mph speed limit

The testing will be undertaken by members of the ACLGs engineering team in co-operation with West Midlands Trains, the operators of Soho depot.

Subject to the satisfactory completion of testing the programme to return the 89 will move on to the next phase of work with design and installation work to be undertaken for GSM-R (radio) and OTMR (data recording) systems.

We are grateful for the considerable assistance given to us by West Midlands Trains in accommodating the testing at Soho depot and to Rail Operations Group for moving the 89 from Barrow Hill to Soho.