The AC Locomotive Group

 This section covers the AC preservation period from 2000 through to 2009. The year-by-year sub-sections cover our own history in more detail, plus other AC heritage developments outside the Group. Summaries for all pages can be found below. The sub-sections are grouped for convenience.

2000 Stores vans arrive at BH
85101 moves to BH
83012 repainted into Electric Blue and exhibited at Old Oak Common
84001 moves to BH to join our locos on loan
82008 roars again
2001 84001 renovation starts
Generator Car overhauled and repainted
Equipment Car purchased
82008 and 83012 attend Crewe Electric Staff Open Day
87101 moves to BH for scrap
2002 Unique 87101 equipment recovered
85101 repainted into Railfreight Distribution livery
84001 bodywork preparations begun
86213 arrives at BH on loan
2003 84001 repainted in BR Blue
84001, 83012 and 85101 exhibited at Doncaster 150 Open Days
85101 officially named
2004 Electro-Diesels restored
86401 purchased
89001 stored for GNER
2005 86213 moved to Wembley
87002 named after the Group
86213 restored to working order
81002 major restoration underway
82008 repainted into InterCity Executive
86401 repainted into Network SouthEast
86101 and 86213 purchased
Eight locos attend Crewe Works open day
Three locos attend the Norwich ACoRP gala
2006 81002 electrical restoration begins
86101 restoration begins
86401 and 73138 move to Long Marston
89001 purchased
Railtour announced!
2007 86101 returns to the main line
89001 repainted into InterCity Executive
73138 and 86401 on display at Long Marston open day
2008 86101 works passenger trains for Hull Trains
83012 repainted into Electric Blue and exhibited at NRM York
87002 purchased and returned to the main line
86101 and 87002 perform Royal Mail standby work for GBRf
2009 86101 and 87002 perform Royal Mail standby work for GBRf
86401 moves to Willesden TMD for train heat and shunting duties