The AC Locomotive Group

The publications below are listed in date order within each category. The comments are purely the webmaster's personal opinions and are meant as a guide and not a definitive description. Some of these books may be out of print, so the ISBN numbers are included where available for ease of searching.

BRITAIN'S NEW RAILWAY O. S. Nock 1966 Ian Allan   A detailed look at the engineering and development aspects of the WCML electrification south of Weaver Junction.
ELECTRIC EUSTON TO GLASGOW O. S. Nock 1974 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-0530-3 As above, but detailing work on the northern section to Glasgow - written just as this section was being made operational.
  BR.33056/40 ISSUE 1 Official facts and figures about the various Classes (limited Class 87 information - not built at the time of printing). Drivers duties, proceedures, etc.
AC ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES OF BRITISH RAIL Brian Webb & John Duncan 1979 David & Charles ISBN 0-7153-7663-2 Excellent in-depth technical coverage of Classes 80-87, with a wealth of facts and figures, also provides a snapshot of the fleet as it was in 1978.
MOTIVE POWER RECOGNITION:1 LOCOMOTIVES (1st Edition) Colin J. Marsden 1981 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1109-5 A useful spotter's companion of the time, featuring dimensions / performance details not easily found elsewhere.
MOTIVE POWER RECOGNITION:2 EMUS (1st Edition) Colin J. Marsden 1982 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1165-6 As above, but concentrating on the EMU fleet of the time. Perhaps LMR units don't quite get the same level of attention as their SR counterparts - one suspects C.J.M. is more of a Southern Electric fan! Good for archive dimensions, formations, operating areas.
BRITISH RAIL FLEET SURVEY 6 Electric Locomotives Brian Haresnape 1983 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1332-2 Good background information on BR's electric locomotive fleet from SR "Booster" locos through to Class 87. See also Vol 5 "High Speed Trains" (ISBN 0-7110-1297-0) for info on Class 370 APT-P.
MODERN RAILWAYS PICTORIAL PROFILE:7 CLASSES 81-85 Colin J. Marsden (editor) 1984 Ian Allan ISSN 0264-3642 General overview of the AC fleet, with interesting archive photos. Magazine format.
BR ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES IN 4mm SCALE R. S. Carter 1985 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1501-5 Essential reference material for all OO-scale modellers - and a mine of useful dimension and performance information. The late R.S.Carter's line drawings are superb.
THE POWER OF THE AC ELECTRICS Brian Morrison 1988 Oxford Publishing Company (Haynes Publishing Group) ISBN 0-86093-246-X Mainly pictorial with brief histories and details of each class, together with some of R.S.Carter's line drawings.
BRITISH RAIL FLEET SURVEY 11 Overhead Line Multiple-Units Alec Swain 1990 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1902-9 Good overview of the evolution of BR's EMU fleet from LNER & MR designed units to Class 322. Useful technical information.
BRITISH RAIL MAIN LINE ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES Colin J. Marsden & Graham B. Fenn 1993 Oxford Publishing Company (Haynes Publishing Group) ISBN 0-86093-446-2 Summary histories of each class, with 4mm scale line drawings up to Class 91. Lots of photographs covering the early years up to the time of publication.
BRITISH RAIL MAIN LINE ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES Colin J. Marsden & Graham B. Fenn 2001 Oxford Publishing Company ISBN 0-86093-559-0 Updated edition of the above, including Class 92, Eurotunnel Class 9, and Class 373 power cars.
BRITISH MULTIPLE UNITS: Volume 3 CLASSES 302-390 Ashley Butlin 2001 Coorlea Publishing ISBN 0-948069-19-8 Dates, reformations and disposals of AC and dual-voltage EMUs.
THE ALLOCATION HISTORY OF BR DIESELS & ELECTRICS: Third and Final Edition: Part Four Roger Harris 2004 Roger Harris   Life-histories of every electric locomotive with a TOPS number: 99.9% accurate too!
SPARKS Charles Buchanan 2006 Triangle Publishing ISBN 0-9550030-1-6 In-depth historical information on the history, development and lives of classes 80-92.
THE AC ELECTRICS Colin J Marsden 2007 Ian Allan ISBN 0860936147
MODERN LOCOMOTIVES ILLUSTRATED:172 THE CLASS 86s Colin J Marsden 200? The Railway Centre/Key Publishing x Magazine format 'partwork', based largely on the author's earlier works and website.
MODERN LOCOMOTIVES ILLUSTRATED:191 CLASSES 80-85 Colin J Marsden 200? The Railway Centre/Key Publishing x Magazine format 'partwork', based largely on the author's earlier works.
MODERN LOCOMOTIVES ILLUSTRATED:199 THE CLASS 87s Colin J Marsden 200? The Railway Centre/Key Publishing x Magazine formate 'partwork', based largely on the author's earlier works.


BR (MIDLAND REGION) ELECTRICS B. Nicolle 1979 Oxford Publishing Company SBN 86093-056-4 Class by Class photographic record of the MR fleet in the late seventies - brings back memories.
ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES ON THE WEST COAST MAIN LINE Roly Longhurst with Michael Oakley 1979 D. Bradford Barton ISBN 0-85153-355-8 Basic technical overviews of each class.
TRAINS IN THE EIGHTIES 2 ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES series 1980 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1092-7 Just photographs of ACs in the late '70s and 1980. A5 landscape magazine format. See also Vol 1: InterCity125 & APT (ISBN 0-7110-1091-9) if you're a Class 370 fan.
100 YEARS OF ELECTRIC TRACTION Colin J. Marsden 1985 Oxford Publishing Company ISBN 0-86093-325-3 General coverage of all electric traction, with slight emphasis on Southern Region units and locos. Good historical interest.
THE AC ELECTRICS (Rail Portfolios 13) Chris Shaw (compiler) 1991 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1938-X All colour photographic record from early years to Class 91s & MkIVs.
PROFILE OF THE CLASS 76s & 77s David Maxey 1981 Oxford Publishing Co. SBN 86093-156-0 Good photographic record of 76s and 77s in action at home and abroad.
ROLLING STOCK RECOGNITION:3 DEPARTMENTAL STOCK Colin J. Marsden 1984 Ian Allan ISBN 0-7110-1446-9  
DIESEL DISPOSAL VOLUME 5 (ELECTRIC CLASSES) Ashley Butlin 1986 Coorlea Publishing ISBN 0-948069-04-X Provides detailed records of periods in store, as well as early disposal information.
DIESEL & ELECTRIC DISPOSAL Ashley Butlin 1987 Coorlea Publishing ISBN 0-948069-06-6 General details of disposal, less detail per loco than above.
DIESEL & ELECTRIC DISPOSAL Ashley Butlin 1990 Coorlea Publishing ISBN 0-948069-10-4 As above, updated.
BR DIESEL & ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVE DIRECTORY Colin J. Marsden 1991 Oxford Publishing Company (Haynes Publishing Group) ISBN 0-86093-486-1 Invaluable reference for renumbering histories, introduction, withdrawal, naming dates, disposal details etc.
BRITISH RAILWAYS MARK 1 COACHES Keith Parkin 1991 HMRS / Pendragon Books ISBN 1-899816-07-0 Invaluable reference source for Mk1 stock.
DIESEL & ELECTRIC LOCO REGISTER (Third Edition) S. A. Sugden 1994 Platform 5 ISBN 1-872524-55-9 Good quick reference for number series conversions, dates etc. Less detailed than the Diesel & Electric Loco Directory, but easier to carry!
PRESERVED LOCOMOTIVES OF BRITISH RAILWAYS Peter Fox and Peter Hall 2001 Platform 5 ISBN 1-902336-20-8 Good reference for just about every locomotive and multiple unit which has survived beyond initial withdrawal.
NEWNES ELECTRICAL POWER ENGINEER'S Warne 200? ELSEVIER ISBN 0-7506-6268-9 An essential general reference book on Electrical Engineering principles and equipment